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December 15, 2022
Edward Smith

South Avenue Accident Kills Man in Head-On Crash

A head-on crash in Corning recently claimed the life of Denver Williams, a local resident, age 75. The collision occurred along South Avenue when Williams attempted to pass and collided head-on with a log hauler from the other direction. Williams died in the collision, while the semi-driver reportedly suffered shoulder injuries. 

Traffic Lanes Blocked to Clean Up Oil Spill

Both lanes of traffic were blocked for some time as a big oil spill was cleaned up. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers who responded to the accident said it does not appear that either drugs or alcohol factored into the cause of the collision. 

The Dangers of Logging Trucks

Logging trucks as well as other large commercial vehicles often weigh up to 40 tons. Because of the precarious weight the logger is transporting, even a minor slip-up can lead to a serious accident. The following are the most common reasons for logging truck accidents:

  • Road conditions that are unsafe: There are many ways in which a roadway can become hazardous. Potholes and other debris on the road can increase the possibility of an accident, such as tree limbs, gravel, upheavals and sharp curves.
  • Having improperly loaded or secured cargo: Logs must be loaded onto trucks correctly, and they can fall off if they are not properly secured or placed.
  • A violation of traffic laws: Driving too fast, changing lanes improperly and disregarding traffic signs or signals are just some of the violations that can occur and lead to a head-on crash.
  • Truck parts that fail: A malfunctioning component in a logging truck or trailer could lead to a head-on crash, especially if it involves the brakes or a blown tire while on the road.
  • Errors in driving: Drivers may make a range of mistakes on the road, some of which might also be considered violations of traffic laws. Following too closely, using a cell phone while driving, improperly judging the distances between vehicles and others are some of these errors.
  • Using drugs or alcohol while driving: Logging, as well as commercial truck drivers, should not operate under the influence. Although truckers have a low rate of using alcohol, it’s a different story when it comes to over-the-counter, illicit and prescription drugs they use to stay alert.
  • Weather conditions: If there is unsafe weather, such as sleet, snow, rain, fog or high winds, truck drivers may have difficulty operating their vehicles.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

When your loved one was lost due to a negligent commercial truck driver, our law firm can help uncover the reason why it happened. If the trucker was negligent, the family may want to place a wrongful death claim to recover compensation, including funeral and burial costs, wages and for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. A consultation with one of our accident attorneys is free, and you owe us nothing unless we’ve won your case.

Corning Wrongful Death Lawyer

I am Ed Smith, a Corning wrongful death lawyer. Accidents involving large commercial vehicles frequently cause serious injuries or fatalities. However, if the truck driver was at fault, the family or injured party may recover compensation. You are welcome to contact us for free and friendly advice at (530) 392-9400 or (800) 404-5400. We can arrange a free consultation for you with one of our accident attorneys, who will review your claim, answer questions and let you know about options to recover compensation. If you prefer, we can be reached online

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