Head-On Crash Near Crescent City Severely Injures One

Head-On Crash Near Crescent City Severely Injures One

Recent California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports state that a collision took place near Crescent City during the night of Sunday, January 6, 2019. The accident involved two vehicles which struck each other head-on while traveling on a local highway during the early hours of the night. An injured man was taken to a hospital to be given emergency treatment. However, he has not been identified by local authorities, and updates on his condition have not been reported by medical officials. CHP officers say they are currently looking into possible crash factors to determine what caused the collision.

Collision Information

The accident took place at about 8:25 p.m. on Highway 199 near the small town of Gasquet, just east of Patrick Creek only a few miles east of Crescent City. A green Subaru and black Mitsubishi had been traveling in opposite directions on the highway when, for unknown reasons, the two vehicles collided head-on. Photos taken of the wrecked Subaru show extreme damage to the front end of the driver’s side. Details about which vehicle or vehicles crossed the median of the highway have not been included in any CHP reports. Additionally, no other cars were involved in the crash.


CHP immediately dispatched a team of emergency responders to the accident site after hearing the collision may have injured multiple people. Responders reported that they found the Subaru driver trapped inside his vehicle. Firefighters extricated the man and placed him on an ambulance. Medics said that the man suffered a broken femur as well as lacerations all over his body. Reports also indicated that the man may have suffered an injury to one of his eyes. Officers stated that the driver talked with responders while he was removed from his vehicle and that the “department did a great job” saving the man’s life.

The driver of the Mitsubishi complained to responders of pain in his collarbone and was driven to town. Whether or not the man received medical attention was not reported.


As the investigation into the crash continues, officers have not said what factors they suspect to have been involved. Collisions such as this one are commonly caused by factors like distraction, medical issues, driving under the influence, defective vehicle parts, roadway hazards, speeding, and more.

Crash Injury Recovery

Suffering injuries in a car accident often mean facing a long, difficult road to recovery. During their recovery, accident survivors are also often left with major expenses such as hospital bills, ambulance costs, and more. This is only made more difficult by the fact that injured people are unable to work while they are recovering or, in more severe cases, are left unable to perform their job.

These issues are severe and can seem overwhelming, but an excellent personal injury lawyer can help. Car accident survivors are often able to claim full payment for their losses through personal injury claims. However, these types of claims can be complicated, and it is always best to seek advice from an injury lawyer before taking any kind of legal action.

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