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Head-On Crash in Folsom Causes Fatalities

Multiple-Fatality Accident Caused by Head-On Collision

Three people died in a head-on crash involving two vehicles in Folsom on February 15. The accident was reported by the Folsom Police Department around 3:45 in the afternoon at Folsom Lake Crossing, close to the dam. The collision occurred when one of the vehicles crossed over the centerline into the opposing traffic lanes into the other car. 

Two People Die at Scene of Head-On Crash

Two people were reported as having died at the accident scene. The third party involved was transported to a nearby hospital but expired there. The names of those who died in the accident have not been released, pending notification of the families by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office. 

Accident Occurred During Rush Hour 

Both vehicles had major front-end damage. The head-on crash occurred during rush hour when traffic along Folsom Lake Crossing was congested. Police in Folsom warn that drivers don’t have to be speeding for this type of damage to occur. 

Authorities Warn That Dangerous Behavior Isn’t Worth It

According to Lt. Andrew Bates, the speeds of both vehicles combine in the impact of a head-on collision. This means that if both vehicles are traveling at 55 mph, the combined speed on impact would be 110 mph. He pointed out that if you were going somewhere, nothing makes it so important that you have to engage in dangerous behavior to get there. 

The Loss of a Loved One in a Head-On Crash

The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming, but a fatal accident such as a head-on crash caused by someone else’s negligence can be even worse. There is a great deal of grief and a sense of helplessness among family members. Families wish to understand how the accident happened. Many are angry that someone they so dearly loved had to suffer such an unfortunate fate and want justice for them. That’s where we come in. 

Seeking Advice Following a Family Member’s Death

The investigators and attorneys at our firm offer compassionate service and strive to provide family members with the answers they need. If a loved one passed away because of negligence, we provide the family with a free, no-obligation case review with our legal team. By setting up a consultation, either virtually or in person, we can review your case, tell you about options to recover compensation for your loss and answer any of your questions about filing a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful Death Claims in a Head-On Crash

At, our injury lawyers and staff members treat you like family because we understand what you are going through. It’s our job to take the burden from your shoulders, so the family can grieve in peace, knowing their case is in good hands. Some of the areas in which filing a wrongful death claim can recover damages are:

  • Wages the deceased earned, including bonuses, tips and other monies are recoverable until they would have reached their normal age of retirement.
  • The cost of the funeral and burial is recoverable.
  • The spouse can claim loss of consortium and love.
  • Children in the family can claim the loss of guidance and nurturing the decedent provided.
  • The loss of the household chores performed by the decedent can be recovered, such as preparing the taxes, taking care of children, or caring for the family vehicles.

The following video presented by attorney Ed Smith explains wrongful death claims:

Folsom Wrongful Death Attorney

I’m Ed Smith, a Folsom wrongful death lawyer. Losing a loved one in an accident caused by a negligent driver upends the lives of their family members. When negligence was the cause, the family may want to find out about filing a wrongful death claim. Although it will not ease their grief and sense of loss, it can help them avoid the financial stress that sudden deaths can cause. 

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