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Head-On Collision Near Grass Valley Results in a Fatality

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February 03, 2023
Edward Smith

Fatal Head-On Collision Reported on Rough and Ready Highway

A head-on collision near Grass Valley on January 30 killed one person and seriously injured another. The collision occurred during the evening along Rough and Ready Highway close to Greenwood Road. The incident report said an Auburn man driving an Infiniti, 18, was going west when he crossed over into the opposing traffic lane and struck a Subaru head-on. 

Driver Dies and Older Woman Seriously Injured in Head-On Collision

The Auburn man reportedly sustained serious head trauma and was not using a seat restraint at the time of the accident, which may have contributed to his death. The other driver, a Grass Valley woman, 78, suffered major injuries and was transported to a hospital, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Cause of the Accident Being Determined by Authorities

Impaired driving, either by alcohol or drugs, did not appear to factor into the cause of the collision. The identity of the deceased driver has not been released pending family notification by the Nevada County Coroner’s Office.

Common Reasons Why a Head-On Crash Occurs

Car accidents involving head-on collisions can result in serious injuries and even be fatal. These frontal impact crashes occur when two vehicles going in opposing directions collide. It is often driver error that causes head-on crashes, such as:

  • Improper passing: A driver who attempts to pass when the view ahead is obstructed runs the risk of causing a head-on crash with an oncoming vehicle.
  • Failure to yield: The failure to yield to other vehicles is expected to occur when drivers are on a two-lane road that has right-of-way laws in place. One driver’s failure to yield can result in a collision.
  • Pulling out from a side road: Drivers who are incautious about pulling out from a side road can end up causing a serious accident with oncoming vehicles.
  • Speeding: In order to react to changing conditions, drivers must maintain a safe speed. When you drive too fast, your reaction time will be reduced and you will be more likely to have a crash.
  • Distractions: Driving while distracted slows drivers’ reaction time, making it difficult for them to avoid collisions. It is common for drivers to text while driving, talk on the phone or adjust the radio or GPS.
  • Impairment: Drinking or using drugs can cause drivers to make reckless driving decisions and slow their reaction times, resulting in a head-on collision.

Compensation Recovery in an Accident

An accident attorney can determine the cause of a frontal impact crash, which can then be used to hold the negligent driver responsible and provide compensation for those who were injured. Those who are injured by an at-fault driver may be able to recover all of their medical costs, lost wages and compensation for their pain and suffering. 

Grass Valley Wrongful Death Lawyer

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