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Head Injury After Car Accident

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January 17, 2017
Edward Smith


Head Injury After Car Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Davis car accident lawyer. Even the smallest car accident can cause serious injuries that require medical attention. One of the most common and most serious injuries involves a fractured skull. When the car stops short, the unrestrained head can continue moving forward or to the side and strike the steering wheel, dashboard, or window. While this can cause a skull fracture, there is also the potential for complications that could place the patient in a dire situation. It is important that everyone understands that complications that can result from a fractured skull.

The Risk for Infection

When the skull is fractured, it is possible that fragments of the bone stick out from the skin. This break in the skin represents a portal for possible infection. In addition, some skull fractures require surgery. With any surgical procedure there is the potential for infection because the skin is opened up and there are sick people in a hospital. Infections of the head are serious because not only can the skin and bone get infected but also the brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid can become infected. These infections are called encephalitis and meningitis, respectively. These are severe infections that can cause brain damage or even death.

The Bleeding Risks

Any fracture of the skull can cause serious bleeding. Because of the importance of the brain, there are numerous blood vessels that ensure the brain is well-oxygenated at all times. When the scalp is torn and a fractured skull develops, these small blood vessels are severed. These vessels are tightly stretched when intact and when they are severed they retract along with the torn skin and broken bones. This means that the vessels will continue to bleed until they receive the proper medical attention. During this time, there can be a major loss of blood that can place the patient’s life in danger.

Neurological Damage

By far, the most concerning complication that can develop from a fractured skull is the risk of brain injury. The skull protects the brain and when the skull is broken the bone fragments can damage the skull. Furthermore, the broken skull exposes the brain to further damage. Examples of brain damage symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Unconsciousness or coma
  • Memory loss
  • Vision loss

These are only a few of the symptoms that represent the possibility that a brain injury has been sustained. If there is any suspicion for a brain injury, the physician will order a CT scan, MRI, or an EEG to determine the presence of a brain injury and grade the severity of the injury.

Complications from a Skull Fracture are Serious

While a fractured skull is already a serious injury that may require surgery, the complications from a skull fracture can be even worse. Infections, major bleeding, and brain damage can all cause lifelong disabilities or even death. It is important that patients make sure they understand the complications so they can seek medical attention if necessary.

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