Gridley Vehicle Collision Statistics

Gridley Vehicle Collision Statistics

Gridley is a small city in Butte County with a population of just over 7,000 people sitting right at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Residents know that Gridley is an idyllic place that offers close proximity to beautiful natural scenery as well as a friendly, unique community. However, like any place with vehicle traffic, Gridley sees a number of traumatic vehicle collisions every year. While crashes may not be common in a small town like Gridley, it only takes a single accident to cause injuries that can be life-changing. While not all car accidents can be avoided, drivers can improve their safety by learning about how accidents happen in their area.

Crash Overview

According to research conducted by UC Berkeley, there were a total of 212 traumatic car accidents in Gridley between 2007 and 2019. These accidents left 288 people with injuries and cost three more their lives. Out of the 212 collisions, 11 involved a motorcyclist, 16 involved a bicycle, and 26 involved a pedestrian. The remaining 159 involved either passenger or commercial vehicles. Data shows that Gridley has seen a slightly higher number of accidents than Northern California cities of a similar size.

Gridley’s accidents tend to be less severe than accidents across all of Butte County. While fatal collisions accounted for over three percent of all Butte County accidents, Gridley’s fatality rate was at about 1.4 percent. Similarly, collisions in Gridley were also less likely to involve severe or other visible injuries than accidents countywide. Nearly two-thirds of collisions in Gridley only involved a complaint of pain from one or more vehicle occupant.

Causal Factors

The following violations were the most common factors in Gridley accidents during 2007-2019. Each violation is listed next to the total number of accidents caused during this time period.

  • Right-of-Way Violation, 55
  • Speeding, 47
  • Improper Turning, 18
  • Traffic Sign or Signal Violation, 18
  • Wrong Side of Road, 15
  • Tailgating, 13

All other violations caused less than ten accidents each. These included pedestrian violations, unsafe lane changing, and DUI.

Speaking to An Attorney

Being injured in an accident can leave people with a serious financial burden. While going through the process of physical recovery, many people need to take time away from their career in order to heal. Others may be left permanently unable to work. These issues can make it difficult to pay for necessary expenses, and many people are unsure of how they will be able to afford hospital bills, physical therapy, and other costs.

While these concerns can be serious, many injured people are able to receive compensation to cover costs such as lost income and medical expenses by filing a personal injury claim against negligent parties such as product manufacturers or reckless drivers. To learn more about this, speak to a Gridley car accident lawyer.

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