Grass Valley Accident Data

Grass Valley Accident Data

Grass Valley is a lovely town situated in one of the most beautiful areas of California. Residents enjoy a unique, laid-back community located right at the base of the Sierra Mountains. However, even though Grass Valley has a relatively low population, the city still does see car accidents, and when these collisions happen, people are at risk of suffering serious injuries. Accidents can happen for many reasons, and crashes are sometimes out of the control of the people involved. While you may not always be able to avoid an accident, Grass Valley residents can increase their safety by learning about how accidents typically happen in their area.

Accidents Overview

Data published by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley shows that 438 traumatic auto accidents happened in Grass Valley between 2007 and 2018. These accidents left 541 people with injuries ranging from minor to severe and cost four additional individuals their lives. These crashes included an unusually high amount of pedestrian crashes, which accounted for more than 15 percent of the collisions. These accidents also involved 19 bicycle crashes and 26 motorcycle collisions. Additionally, 130 (about 30 percent) of these crashes happened on a highway within Grass Valley.


Crashes in Grass Valley tend to be less severe than accidents across Nevada County. In Grass Valley, around one percent of accidents caused a fatal injury. This is a lower fatality rate than most cities of a similar size in Northern California and less than half the percentage for Nevada County. Severe injuries were suffered in just under eight percent of collisions, which is about three percent less often than for crashes county-wide. Furthermore, moderate injuries were also significantly less common in Grass Valley than in nearby areas.

Collision Type

The most common accident type in Grass Valley has been rear-end collisions. These accounted for around one-fourth of accidents and were more common than the second most frequent accident type by about five percent. Other common accident types included vehicle/pedestrian crashes and hit-object collisions. Less common types included rollovers and head-on crashes.


The large majority of accidents in Grass valley happen between noon and 6:00 p.m. and almost all crashes took place during the daytime. Weekdays saw significantly more accidents than weekends, with Sundays being the least dangerous days on local roads.

Recovering After Injuries

Accident injuries often cause people serious financial issues. Paying for medical bills while recovering from a painful injury is difficult, especially when your injury leaves you unable to work either temporarily or permanently. However, accidents are most often caused by a negligent party and these injured parties can seek to claim compensation from these parties through personal injury claims.

Personal injury claims can help accident survivors pay for necessary expenses while they recover from their trauma. These cases can be complicated, and while not every situation calls for an attorney, it is always best to get advice from a professional Grass Valley personal injury lawyer before taking any action. To learn more about injury cases before calling an attorney, check out the following video:

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