Golf Cart Injuries and Accidents

Golf Cart Injuries and Accidents

Golf Cart Injuries and Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Golf carts are no longer confined to the golf course but are used in communities where they are permitted for local transportation. However, because of the nature of a golf cart, an accident can result in injuries or even death.

California Accidents Involving Golf Carts

Golf cart accidents are frequent, and some result in fatalities. In August 2017, a Riverside man was arrested and charged with hit and run after fleeing from the golf cart he was driving after a passenger hit his head and died. A Walnut, California, woman died as she was driving her golf cart to a nearby golf course. Also, a female passenger died when the driver of the cart she was riding in made a sharp turn, and she fell out onto glass shards.

Why Are Golf Carts Dangerous?

Golf carts are dangerous for a number of reasons such as the following:

  • The brakes on most golf carts are only on the back axle, which means that even though the back wheels can skid due to lack of movement, the wheels on the front can keep rolling, making the cart unstable.
  • Because the ability to brake is reduced, a driver may falsely assume the brakes have failed and press harder. This can cause the vehicle to go into a dangerous skid.
  • The reduced ability to brake the vehicle can cause it to fishtail.
  • Because of the hilly nature of golf courses, carts can go over the 15 mph speed limit of most carts if the cart is moving downhill.
  • The instability of golf carts can cause them to overturn.
  • Carts on golf courses frequently are not equipped with seatbelts.
  • The security handles on carts are located on the inside, which means that a sharp turn can eject a passenger in the cart.

Common Injuries in Golf Cart Accidents

  • Soft tissues: This is the most common type of injury and generally occurs when someone is struck by a golf cart.
  • Lower extremities: Leg injuries are common in adults and can range from abrasions and cuts to bone fractures caused by the cart landing on top of someone.
  • Neck and head: Most of these injuries are caused when someone falls from or is tossed from a golf cart. Injuries may range from cervical strain to concussion or traumatic brain injury.
  • Spinal injuries: These may include any area of the spine and require surgical intervention and a long recuperative period. Some may become permanent injuries when the injury affects the spinal cord.

Golf Cart Accident Statistics

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that nearly 18,000 individuals required emergency room care in 2015 as the result of an accident involving a golf cart. Between the years  2005 and 2015, more than 167,000 people required hospitalization following a golf cart accident.

Are Golf Carts Used on Roads Different Than Those on Golf Courses?

People like the idea of motoring around in a golf cart because they are economical, convenient and just fun. However, the different types of golf carts are defined and regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Those that are registered to use on roads have more stringent requirements than those used solely on golf courses. Some of the features you will see on a golf cart allowed on some roads are headlamps, windshield wipers, and a mirror.

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