Golden One Center Accident

Golden One Center Accident

Golden One Center Accident

Golden One Center Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Following the opening of the new Golden One Center in Sacramento on 1 October, people are reporting that the upper “bowl” of the arena is dangerously steep.

What is the Problem?

During the arena’s opening Paul McCartney concert, a woman fell from her row of seats into the row below, injuring a woman and her son. The woman and son actually had to leave the concert early and were escorted by arena workers to their car in wheelchairs. The next day, a different person fell from several rows above, landing on a different woman and her daughter. In this case, alcohol appears to have been a factor, but it was compounded by the steep angle of the Golden One Center’s upper bowl.

How Steep is the Golden One Center?

According to one of the architects, the upper bowl is angled at just under 34 degrees, a whole 2 degrees more than the old Sleep Train Amphitheatre. To put that in perspective, the famed surprise drop on the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland is 45 degrees, just 10 degrees more than the rows in the new arena.

This angle is compliant with California and Sacramento County building codes, but that does not make it any less dangerous for the people sitting in these upper levels.

Potential Injuries from the Steep Angle of the Golden One Center

Many severe injuries could result from people falling over the railings, both to the person that falls and those in the path of the falling person. Head injuries are the most likely injury, regardless of the height of the fall. Broken bones and other extremity injuries are also likely. Spinal injuries and death, though, are of the greatest concern and entirely within the realm of possibility in the event of an accident at the new arena.

The potential for injury is further compounded by the fact that the Golden One Center allows vendors to sell alcohol. This increases the likelihood of someone misusing the facility and injuring him/herself and those around him/her.

The Hazards Posed by the Stairs

Injuries caused by the steep bowl may not just arise from people falling over railings. Serious injuries could also result if a person tripped or lost their balance climbing the stairs to their seat or the exit. In that scenario, a person could easily sustain head trauma and broken bones. This type of accident could then injure people around the person as the people are quite literally stacked on each other.

The many potential sources of injury with the steep bowl are endless and have already spurred personal injury lawsuits against arena’s with similarly steep bowls.

Other Dangerous Arenas and Ongoing Lawsuits

Other cities with similarly steep bowls are currently named in personal injury lawsuits. The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York is currently being sued by a man who sustained serious injuries after an intoxicated person fell on him from several levels above.

Who May Be Liable at the Golden One Center?

If you are injured in an accident at the Golden One Center or another arena, several parties may be liable, including the architects of the building and even the city for negligent building codes. Seek out experienced legal help to ensure you are properly compensated for damages sustained.

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