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March 09, 2019
Edward Smith

Glenoid Labrum Tear

A glenoid labrum tear is an injury that can be sustained in a serious car accident. The glenoid is the socket into which the shoulder inserts. The shoulder is protected by tissue termed the labrum. If this tissue is torn, it can lead to significant weakness in the shoulder itself. Unfortunately, injuries of the shoulder are not that uncommon. According to information published by My VMC on shoulder pain, some of the most common causes of shoulder injuries include:

  • A cervical sprain or neck injury following a car accident.
  • Tendinitis of the rotator cuff, typically the supraspinatus muscle.
  • Adhesive capsulitis, also known as a frozen shoulder.
  • Autoimmune conditions including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and polymyalgia rheumatica.
  • Infections of the shoulder joint following a penetrating injury, including septic arthritis and osteomyelitis.

If people sustain an injury of their shoulder, they could be facing a prolonged recovery process. If this injury is a glenoid labrum tear, they might even require surgery.

Symptoms of a Glenoid Labrum Tear

A glenoid labrum injury can present in a variety of ways. In some cases, people might be able to tell that something is wrong with their shoulder at the time of the injury. This could be due to extreme weakness or a visible deformity. In other situations, they might not realize that they have injured their glenoid labrum. Some of the symptoms of a torn glenoid labrum include:

  • A deep and achy pain that is coming from inside of the shoulder.
  • Pain that gets worse with raising the arm over the head.
  • An inability to lift heavy objects.
  • A feeling of popping, grinding or clicking inside of the shoulder.
  • Extreme weakness of the shoulder.

Those who have suffered an injury of their shoulder might feel like they are unable to use their arm. This can be a serious situation because it can severely impact someone’s ability to do chores around the house, exercise, or return to work. Fortunately, there are treatment options that are available.

Treatment Options for a Torn Labrum

If someone sustains shoulder injury in an auto accident, the doctor will likely order imaging of the extremity. A torn labrum can often be identified on an MRI scan. Then, the doctor and the individual will need to make a decision together regarding the treatment option. These include:

Physical Therapy: Sometimes, people injure their shoulder and do not require surgical repair. Those who are elderly or are not competitive athletes might not need to repair their labrum. They can strengthen their shoulder through physical therapy and remove a significant amount of weakness, pain, and discomfort.

Surgery: In other cases, those who are young or participate in competitive sports will need surgical repair. This repair is vital for restoring the shoulder to full strength. After the surgery, physical therapy is often still required.

This is a tough situation that can place families in a difficult position.

Watch YouTube Video: Workouts for a Shoulder with a Labral Tear. In this short video, fitness expert Shane Freels demonstrates some exercise and workout tips for a shoulder with a labral tear.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

Having a surgical procedure is a serious situation. There are always risks with surgery which include failure of the operation, developing a surgical site infection, or even an allergic reaction to anesthesia. When a loved one is having surgery, it is understandable for family members and friends to have questions. This can create a stressful situation. For help during this time, it is important to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the ways that an injury attorney can provide assistance include:

  • Negotiating with various financial institutions, such as insurance companies, to make sure that people receive the benefits that they deserve.
  • Helping individuals and their loved ones pursue damages that are related to their injuries, any emotional suffering, and pain.
  • Assisting individuals in making objective decisions during a difficult time.
  • Moving a case to trial when required.

Families should know that there are always professionals willing to help during a difficult time. Take the time to meet with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer today. You and your family members may be deserving of a substantial financial settlement.

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