Fun Things To Do In Corning CA

Fun Things To Do In Corning CA

Fun Things In Corning

California is home to many different places and things to do. A city you may not know much about is Corning, CA. Corning is home to many different things and attractions, this article will list several different attractions and things to do while you are there. No matter if you are looking for good cuisine, need to take the kids somewhere, want to see specific events, concerts, or shows, and even if you just want to get away to a romantic destination, Corning, CA has something for everyone.

Sacramento River

Corning, CA happens to be home to a beautiful, amazing river. The Sacramento River is a great spot that people come from all over to sit around and enjoy. Sometimes, there is wonder and fun in just sitting down and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. This is definitely the case with the Sacramento River, as it is certain to take your breath away. For people that find this too tame, or want a little more sports activities in their lives, there are also plenty of golf courses around.


The golfing at Sevillano Links is one of the premier destinations for golf enthusiasts. If you are someone that happens to play golf and is looking for a lustrous green in the area, look no further than Sevillano Links. This course has been around for quite some time and is always a great place to hit the ball around. There is something here for people who love sports of all backgrounds, but golf is definitely a priority over the others.

Rolling Hills Casino

Surprising to some, Corning also happens to house a very large, and extremely fun, casino. If you are someone that is new to gambling, or even a veteran looking to put some money in their pocket, the Rolling Hills Casino is certainly the place to do it. Casinos are not for everyone, but this one has something for all to enjoy. If you are looking for good eats, a nice show, a place to unwind and relax by the pool, and, of course, gambling on many different games and slots, then Rolling Hills Casino is definitely for you. This is one place that everyone should stop by when visiting Corning if only to test their luck.

Olive Production in Corning

Possibly the one thing that sets Corning, CA apart from other places is the fact that it prides itself on olive production. The Olive Pit is a destination spot for anyone that either enjoys food, olives or wants to learn a bit of history about the area. The workers are specialists in all things olive and treat olives like gold. There is a café on-site at the Olive Pit that lets you enjoy many different types of foods, dishes, and drinks. A lot of their foods give you a taste of what you can do with olives, and how wonderful the combinations go together. You can try your hands on local, traditional balsamic vinegar and even try different combinations of olives, such as ones stuffed with garlic. Although Corning seems simple, olives are taken seriously, and you will immediately understand why once you have tried one, or several.

All in all, California is a gigantic place with plenty of rich history and fun things to do, but Corning, CA is one of those rare gems that many people pass over without even knowing about it. At the end of the day, no amount of words can describe the rich, unique beauty that is Corning, California. All that is left for you to do is drive there and see for yourself. Enjoy the many fun things to do in Corning CA.

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