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March 23, 2016
Edward Smith

Fun things to do around Antelope CA

Fun things to do in Antelope CA

Fun things to do around Antelope CA

Finding something to do in Antelope, California is easy. Regardless of why you are here, whether you live nearby or you are a tourist in the area, you can have fun. Both natural and modern places are in the area, giving you nearly endless options. What makes this place better is that it is perfect for single adults, couples, adult groups, and families. It is a great place for everyone. With its proximity to Sacramento, a major city in California, you also have access to large shopping areas and other big city benefits. You will never want to leave. It is the best vacation that you will ever have.

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Natural Locations

If you have been to California, then you know of the beauty it has all over. Beyond the beaches, you have rivers and forests all around you. It is a magnificent sight to behold. If you have never seen anything like it, you will find yourself mesmerized immediately. It is truly one of the best things in the world. You have a perfect combination of nature here, making way for a variety of activities. For people who like to get active outdoors, you will adore what is in the area. If you would like to start, but have little to no experience, there are options for beginners. If you would rather explore, you can do so. You are not limited when it comes to taking advantage of the local nature.

Antelope Greens Golf Course

Whitewater Adventures, American River Recreation, All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting, Whitney Oaks Golf Club, and Antelope Greens are few great places for activities. As you can see, you can do everything from whitewater rafting to golfing. Other options do exist, too, that take advantage of the nature, though they are not nearly as active as these are. If you do want to get into some type of sport, though, the above are some of your best options. You can get your heartbeat racing and you can fall in love with the local nature over and over again.

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Some other options include Mariah Wilderness Expeditions, Sonoma Canopy Tours, and Moaning Cavern Adventure Park. These get you outdoors, exploring, and seeing more of the area, as well as getting active. For anyone who likes to experience the sights and sounds of cities and their nature, you will adore all that is here. There are more than what is above, but those are some of the best options. They are in the area of Antelope, California, giving you the chance to see the area at its best. Other tours do exist if you want to have a full sightseeing experience.

Jump into History

History is all over the area. You have a major historical site, the California Cavern State Historic Landmark, but there is plenty more. While this landmark is one of the biggest in the area, and is for California directly, you can visit a handful of other museums and historic sites in the area. These museums include the California State Railroad Museum, Towe Auto Museum, and Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park. These are in the Antelope, California area, though not in Antelope specifically. They are a close drive away, however, if you want to see all of the history of the area and of California as a whole.

Keep it Modern

Like most, you may want to have some modern fun. This is no big deal in Antelope, California. When you finish up exploring and getting your heartbeat going, you can go shopping or you can go check out some of the other modern places around the city. For the most part, the city itself is a normal city. You have everything from chain restaurants to local cafés to karaoke to so much more. It is full of modern options fit for every person.

Families, too, can appreciate this. The natural sites are generally family-friendly, especially the tours, but you also have regular places to visit around the city. The Scandia Family Fun Center, which is nearby Antelope, or the Antelope Aquatic Complex are great options. They give you and your kids plenty to do. There is also the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Folsom Zoo, malls, and other shopping. You and your kids can stay entertained at all times with the variety you have here. It is perfect for all ages and all groups.

Make sure that you start enjoying the city when you visit. Antelope, California has nearly endless possibilities for visitors. Whether you come alone or with a group, or even as a family, you will love all of the options in the city. With it being nearby other major cities, such as Sacramento, you will never be bored. There is something for everyone to do. Check out nature, take part in outdoor activities, go shopping, or relax, whatever suits you.

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