Fresno Multiple Vehicle Accident

Fresno Multiple Vehicle Accident

Fresno Multiple Vehicle Accident

Fresno Multiple Vehicle Accident — A multiple vehicle accident in southeast Fresno left several people injured on October 26, 2018. The accident occurred at approximately 8:00 in the morning along Cedar Avenue in the vicinity of Church Avenue. An SUV was traveling southbound along Cedar Avenue when the driver reportedly ran a red light and collided with a box truck that was traveling westbound along Church Avenue. Several other cars that were stopped at the red light, while northbound along Cedar Avenue, and became involved in the collision. Several parties were injured in the crash. However, it is not yet known what injuries were suffered in the accident.

Chain Reaction Accidents

A collision involving three or more vehicles is considered a chain reaction accident. This type of crash is generally caused by a series of rear-end collisions. Drivers are obligated to maintain a safe following distance between their vehicle and the car in front of them. This is essential for allowing ample reaction time to avoid any hazards in the road or unexpected situations, such as an abrupt stop in the flow of traffic. When a driver fails to do so and causes a chain reaction accident, they may be held liable for damages incurred. Contact an experienced attorney for more details.

How to Avoid a Chain Reaction Accident

When multiple vehicles are involved in a collision, serious injuries are likely to occur due to numerous impacts. These may include bone fractures, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, cervical sprain, and more. Some of the ways a motorist can avoid being involved in such accidents include the following:

  • Adjust your speed and maintain a safe following distance to match the flow of traffic. Traveling behind another driver too closely can contribute to a chain reaction accident.
  • Avoid distractions while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and keep your eyes on the road ahead. Watch for slowed traffic and other hazards in the road to avoid getting into a collision.
  • Exercise additional caution while traveling in inclement conditions. Fog, sleet, snow, and rain could make the roads slick and can cause a loss of vehicle control which can result in an accident.
  • Watch for vehicles traveling above the posted speed limit and try to drive along the right side of the roadway where traffic is moving at a slower rate.

Comparative Negligence

California operates under a system of comparative negligence. This means an injured party may still be able to recover damages in cases where they share partial fault in an accident. If the injured party was not to blame for the accident, he or she would be entitled to a recovery of 100 percent of the amount awarded. If that party was assigned 30 percent fault for the accident, he or she would still be able to recover 70 percent. Since many different parties are involved in chain-reaction accidents, it may be difficult to determine who shares fault for the collision. In these types of cases, it is best to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Fresno to examine the collection of evidence to properly determine liability.

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Fresno Multiple Vehicle Accident:

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