Frequent Questions to Dog Bite Lawyers

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The Frequent Questions to Dog Bite Lawyers

I’m Ed Smith, a Folsom Dog Bite Lawyer. As a specialist in the area of dog bite law and recovering compensation for my clients’ dog bite claims, here is an article about the most common dog bite related questions that I frequently receive.

What is classified as a dog bite?

A dog bite takes place when the tooth or nail of a dog breaks the skin of a person. The injury does not have to be inflicted deliberately nor does it depend on the intention of the dog. A dog bite is taken seriously in every case by public health departments in order to prevent the spread of disease and maintain animal control.

I’ve been bitten by a dog, now what?

If you have suffered injury from a dog bite, it is important to immediately seek the help of a medical professional. A quick treatment can decrease the risk of infection and spread of disease.

Once medical treatment has been sought out, take note of all related injuries to the dog attack. Take photographs of the injuries sustained. Write down exactly how the circumstances were when you were attacked by the dog. Include the owner’s name, dog breed, and where the attack took place.

Contact a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in your area. A dog bite injury lawyer will be able to meet with you and discuss the best course of action for receiving compensation for the injuries sustained.

I’ve witnessed a Dog Attack, who do I contact?

As a witness to a dog attack, it is important to call both Animal Control and the Local Police Department. The police department will be able to dispatch an officer to the area to assess the situation and immediate medical personnel will be able to treat any person injured. The animal control may have knowledge of the dog’s history and take the dog off the streets if it proves to be a danger to society.

What Injuries are Most Common From a Dog Attack

A dog attack can result in a variety of different injuries. The actual bite may result in lacerations, throat injuries, hand fractures, and facial scarring. Other resulting injuries may come about by being pushed to the ground by a larger dog. The injuries that can result from this are the following: femur fracture, head and brain injury, bimalleolar and trimalleolar fractures, and wrist fractures. Infections are also a major factor in any dog bite wound.

Do California State Laws Cover Dog Bites?

Yes, California holds the dog owner strictly liable for any resulting injury of a dog bite. This means that the dog does not necessarily have to show tendencies to violence before the dog bite took place. In cases where no actual dog bite occurred, strict liability does not apply, however injury due to owner negligence is still a strong claim.

How much will I get from my Dog Bite Claim?

Every case is different and as such, the resulting compensation varies as well. Factors that are considered when the amount of compensation is rewarded include:

Are neutered and spayed dogs less dangerous than those who are not?

According to current statistics. A dog that has been spayed or neutered is almost 300% less likely to be dangerous than one who has not.

Are there certain dog breeds that are outlawed due to aggressive tendencies?

This is true. Certain communities have outlawed Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, along with other aggressive dog breeds. Owners of these dog breeds may be subject to fines if they insist on keeping them as pets. If you have been bitten by one of these breeds, contact a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in your area. A lawyer will know which breeds have been outlawed in which communities.

Are Dog Attacks covered under insurance?

This is a complicated question as it varies based on the situation. Homeowner’s and Renter’s insurance often covers the damages of a known dog on the premises. The best course of action is to call a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in your area. They have the experience to identify all potential liability and sources of compensation.


Folsom Dog Bite Lawyer, Ed Smith

Folsom Dog Bite Lawyer

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