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Fort Goff Crash Causes Deadly Injuries

Fort Goff Crash Results in Deadly Injuries

On Saturday, January 23, 2021, one person passed away after being injured in a Fort Goff crash. Yreka area California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that the collision happened late at night and involved only a single pickup truck. County authorities are currently withholding the identity of the decedent, pending his family’s notification. Additionally, police are still investigating this tragic accident.

Collision Details

The crash occurred in a rural area on Highway 96 near the small community of Ford Goff west of Yreka. According to police, a 2000 Dodge 2500 was heading west on the highway and had just passed Seiad Creek Road when, for unknown reasons, the vehicle drove off-road. After leaving the road, the driver apparently attempted to correct the vehicle and veered back onto the road, eventually crossing over the median and driving off the other side of the highway. After leaving the highway for a second time, the Dodge went down a steep embankment, overturning as a result.


Police were alerted to the accident by a caller who reportedly heard it take place, and dispatchers rushed emergency teams to the location. When police arrived, they discovered that the driver had been ejected through a window as the vehicle overturned. Responders initially found the Dodge around 150 feet down the embankment and discovered the driver shortly after.

Responders reported that they found the driver with critical trauma. Sadly, he was pronounced deceased at the crash location. No other individuals were involved in the accident.


As their investigation continues, Yreka CHP officers have indicated that the roadway was wet and weather conditions were foggy when the collision occurred and say this could have played a role in causing the crash. Additionally, police stated that there may have been an issue with the vehicle’s seat belt.

Often, accidents like this one involve factors like defective car products or dangerous roads that drivers do not have the ability to control. These kinds of accident factors can be difficult for police to uncover, especially if they cannot interview the involved driver about what happened. To ensure you are able to hold at-fault parties responsible for your family’s losses, it’s critical to have a skilled attorney conduct their own investigation into the accident. An experienced Yreka wrongful death lawyer can make sure your family’s rights are prioritized through investigations.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover collisions frequently involve “roof crush injuries,” which happen when vehicle roofs are not built to adequate safety standards. In these cases, families can often obtain wrongful death payments from vehicle manufacturers, allowing them to cover lost income and services as well as burial and funeral expenses and more. However, it’s important to ensure that you preserve your loved one’s wrecked vehicle as evidence for your lawyer to investigate.

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