Folsom Personal Injury Claim

Folsom Personal Injury Claim

Folsom Personal Injury Claim

Folsom Personal Injury Claim. Not every Folsom personal injury claim is caused by a negligent individual or company such as a grocery store. Some come under the jurisdiction of a local government, state or federal entity. For example, if you are in an accident with a government employee who is working at the time or suffers a serious injury from a fall in a city or state-owned park or parking lot, you may have a claim against a city or state entity. Likewise, if you slip and fall in a United States post office, your claim would be directed against the federal government. Learn how to file a claim against a government entity.

Filing a Folsom Personal Injury Claim Against a Government Entity

Under the California Tort Claims Act 910-913.2, an individual who has suffered an injury caused by the negligence of a government entity may file for compensation. A claim has to be filed first with the government entity, which has the option of accepting and paying the claim or rejecting it. Many agencies provide their own claim forms, so it is important to use one of these to avoid a delay. Filing a personal injury lawsuit with a government entity has a different deadline, so it is a good idea to enlist the aid of an experienced lawyer to ensure that filings are done correctly and submitted within the proper time frame. Once the agency has received the initial claim, they have 45 days to respond. If the claim is denied, then the injured person can proceed with a lawsuit if it is done within six months. After this time period has elapsed, the court will probably bar you from filing the lawsuit.

Absence of a Claim Form

When filing an initial Folsom personal injury claim against a government entity because of an injury such as a bus accident or truck collision, there is certain information that must be included, particularly if the involved entity does not provide papers to fill out. This includes:

  • Name
  • Current address and where you would like to receive a response
  • Location where your injury occurred, including circumstances and the date
  • Include a general description of the types of injuries you suffered and the number of damages
  • If an employee caused the injury, give the name of that person if possible
  • If the amount of damages you are seeking is less than $10,000, include the amount and how that number was calculated
  • If the amount is more than $10,000, you must note whether the amount you are seeking is more than or less than $25,000.

Locations That Lead to a Folsom Personal Injury Claim

The following are a few examples of locations where a personal injury can occur that is under the jurisdiction of a governmental entity:

  • City streets, sidewalks or curbs, although some sidewalks are considered a homeowner’s responsibility
  • Municipal buildings with dangerous stairways, loose carpeting or other negligence that causes an injury
  • Public parking areas
  • City parks
  • Roads, highways and freeways
  • Government sponsored events
  • City, county or state employee negligence
  • Government vehicles
  • Public pools and recreation areas
  • Regional transit
  • Dangerous public housing

Folsom Personal Injury Lawyer

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