Flexion Injuries of the Spine

Flexion Injuries of the Spine

The spine is a very delicate part of the body that serves a number of important functions including providing motor and sensory functions to the entire body. Because of this, anyone with injuries of the back should be evaluated promptly by a trained medical professional. Some of the statistics related to back injuries that were recently published by The Good Body include:

  • Back injuries are responsible for about a quarter of all days missed from work due to either injury or illness.
  • People who sustain back injuries lose an average of 12 days from work as a result of their injuries.
  • About $50 billion are spent every year in this country as a result of back injuries.

Even though it can be hard for people to grasp these numbers, keep in mind that back injuries are also the most common reason why people seek disability services in this country. That’s why it is important to think about the possible damages of the spine that people could sustain. One of these is called a flexion injury.

What is a Flexion Injury of the Spine?

There are many different directions that the back could move in. When people bend forward and touch their toes, this is called a flexion injury. While the spine needs to be able to bend forward to some extent, it is also capable of bending over too far. This is how a flexion injury of the spine might occur. There are several injuries that people could sustain, including:

  • Avulsion injuries of the roots of the spinal cord nerves
  • Sprains of the ligaments and tendons
  • Chronic muscle soreness
  • Injuries of the spinal cord itself
  • Strains of the paraspinal muscles

While some people may just need to take a few days to recover, others might develop chronic complications that could impact the rest of their life.

What Types of Complications Could Result?

There are several different complications that someone could develop following a spinal cord flexion injury. These include:

Chronic Pain: People who injure their back might wind up with chronic pain. If the nerves of the spinal cord are stretched to the point of avulsion, they could be damaged. This can lead to pain that requires regular medication.

Vertebral Fractures: Extreme flexion injuries of the spine can even lead to a fracture of the vertebrae. As they stretch, the edges of the bones could start to break. Furthermore, the discs between the vertebrae could begin to slip as well. These injuries may require surgery to correct.

These complications are significant and require the attention of a trained medical provider.

Watch YouTube Video: What is a Spinal Cord Injury? This video provides an overview of spinal cord injuries, including the causes, symptoms, and treatments of the injury.

Contacting a Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney 

When someone has sustained an injury of his or her spinal cord, there are a lot of issues related to the quality of life that families need to think about. It is vital to meet with a trained personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help because you might be entitled to financial compensation.

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