Femur Fracture Recovery Time

Femur Fracture Recovery Time

A broken bone is one of the most common injuries that people might sustain in a traumatic accident, and a femur fracture is among the most severe. As one of the thickest bones in the body, it requires a large amount of force to cause a fracture in the femur. Unfortunately, this also means that if the femur is fractured, the damage could be significant. A few of the most common mechanisms of femur fractures include:

  • An auto accident, particularly those where an individual is ejected from the vehicle
  • An auto versus pedestrian accident
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • A fall from a great height
  • Physical assault

All of these mechanisms are capable of leading to severe femur fractures. If an individual has been diagnosed with a broken femur, one of the most common questions will be about the recovery time following the injury. Multiple factors will influence the recovery time following a femur fracture.

The Severity of the Fracture

The more severe a fracture is, the longer it will take to heal. Below are some of the signs that a fracture is severe:

  • The bone has been broken in multiple places.
  • The fracture fragments have been displaced from its anatomically correct location.
  • There is damage to associated nerves and blood vessels.
  • The fracture was open and required surgery.

While minor fractures take about six weeks to heal, severe femur fractures could take several months to heal.

The Age of the Individual

The person’s age also plays a critical role in the fracture recovery time. As people age, their bodies do not recover as quickly from injuries. For example, if children fall down, they are likely to get up and continue what they were doing as though they had never fallen. In contrast, if elderly individuals fall over, they might suffer a bone fracture. Individuals who are younger and more resilient are better able to tolerate surgery and physical therapy. Furthermore, their injuries simply heal faster.

The Associated Injuries

Because of the force required to break a femur, there are often other associated injuries as well. The severity of these injuries will impact how long the femur fracture takes to heal. The body can only heal in so many places at once. The more traumatic injuries that are present, the longer they will all take to recover. Some of the common associated injuries with a femur fracture include:

  • Damage to the ligaments of the knee such as the ACL, LCL, MCL, and PCL.
  • Injuries to the hip including a dislocation.
  • Fractures of the tibia and fibula.

Many of these associated injuries could also require surgery to correct. This will only lengthen the time that it takes for an individual to recover.

Watch YouTube Video: Principles of Fracture Healing. This animated video demonstrates the different stages of fracture healing.

Contacting a Femur Fracture Lawyer

The recovery after a femur fracture can be prolonged, and families could find themselves in a stressful situation. Often, there are more questions than answers. This leaves individuals and their loved ones looking for assistance. One of the places that families could find help is with a femur fracture lawyer in Sacramento. A few of the resources that an injury lawyer could share include:

  • Reviewing the details of the accident to ensure that all factors have been considered.
  • Serving as an objective legal professional who can help families make decisions that set them up for a successful recovery.
  • Moving a case to trial when required.

Families should never feel like they need to face this tough situation alone. Rely on the assistance of a Sacramento femur fracture lawyer. You and your loved ones could receive a monetary settlement.

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