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February 18, 2019
Edward Smith

Femur Fracture Patterns in Children: Associated Injuries

Childhood injuries are some of the leading causes of death. Even though many parents expect their children to suffer a few bumps and scrapes along the way, some injuries can lead to surgery, hospitalization, and permanent disabilities. Some of the relevant statistics that were published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention include:

  • Unintentional injuries (which include falls, poisonings, traffic accidents, drownings, and burns) are the leading cause of both long-term complications and death among kids in this country.
  • On an annual basis, more than 12,000 children die every year because of an injury that they sustained.
  • In addition, more than nine million children need to visit the emergency room because of injuries that they suffered.

These statistics show just how much injuries sustained in childhood can impact not only the children but also their family. With this in mind, it is important to learn about femur fractures in children and the harm that they can cause.

A Study from the Journal of Pediatrics

A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics performed a detailed analysis of femur fractures that occurred in children. All of the individuals in the study were between the ages of birth and 18 years of age when they suffered their injury. The study took place over a 3-year period. The injuries were categorized based on severity according to standards listed in the Trauma Registry. Some of the most common causes of femur fractures in children include:

  • Falls from a great height.
  • Being struck by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian.
  • Involvement in a serious motor vehicle accident as a passenger.
  • Child abuse, termed “non-accidental trauma”.

Researchers looked for commonly associated injuries in addition to the femur fracture. Children who have more than one injury are more likely to have serious complications.

The Results of the Study: Femur Fractures and Associated Injuries

The researchers included nearly 1200 children in their study. Boys were about 2.5 times as likely to suffer a femur fracture as girls. The patterns did not differ among race or ethnicity. Some of the statistics from the study include:

  • More than 28 percent of the children with femur fractures had at least one other injury.
  • Only children with associated injuries died.
  • Children who suffered a femoral fracture in a fall were far less likely to have additional injuries.
  • Those who suffered a femur fracture in an abuse case, motor vehicle accident, or a pedestrian accident were about 20 times more likely to have an associated injury.

It is essential to look for additional injuries if a child presents with a femur fracture. In addition, femur fractures that involve the growth plate can lead to premature closure of this growth plate. This can lead to a limb-length discrepancy between the legs, causing problems with mobility and the spinal cord.

Watch YouTube Video: Toddler Broken Leg, Cast & Recovery. This video follows a 2-year-old girl who broke her leg, showing the recovery process during and after her cast was removed.

Contacting an Experienced Injury Lawyer 

A child that suffers a femur fracture could have more than one injury that requires medical care. This can leave parents wondering how the accident happened, if anything could have been done to prevent it, and whether or not their child will ever be the same again. For help, it is important for parents to reach out to a trained injury lawyer. Some of the ways that a Sacramento femur fracture lawyer can help include:

  • Looking at the details from the child’s accident to make sure that all of the factors have been considered.
  • Working with professionals to recreate the scene of the accident involving the child, making sure that the mechanism is right.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to make sure that all bills are paid and that all payouts are maximized.
  • Taking a case to the courts, if required.

Parents should never feel like they’re alone following an accident involving their child. Everyone deserves a helping hand during difficult times. Contact a trained femur fracture lawyer in Sacramento today. Your family might be deserving of a financial settlement.

Sacramento Femur Fracture Lawyers

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