Fatality Accident Occurs on U.S. 50 Near Rancho Cordova

El Dorado Freeway Single-Vehicle Fatality Accident

A fatality accident was reported in a single-vehicle collision on April 16 near Rancho Cordova, killing a 52-year-old man. The crash occurred along the eastbound side of the El Dorado Freeway just east of the Hazel Avenue off-ramp around 10:13 a.m. For some reason, the driver of the Hyundai Elantra exited the roadway and struck a metal sign, causing a rollover, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Vehicle Catches Fire in Fatality Accident

The vehicle caught fire, which a passerby put out. The coroner was called to the scene, where the driver was declared deceased. The vehicle was towed as evidence. The CHP is conducting an investigation into the cause of the crash.

Causes of a Run-Off Road Accident 

Run-off road accidents can occur for various reasons, and not all are caused by driver error. Weather conditions, mechanical issues, and road design flaws can all be contributing factors to a run-off road accident. Below is a list of common causes that do not involve driver error:

  • Mechanical problems: Brakes malfunctioning or tire blowouts may cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and veer off course. Retaining the car so it can be inspected can determine if a defect caused the fatality accident. In these cases, a product liability claim may be filed.
  • Road design flaws or lack of maintenance: Unsafe curves or inadequate guardrails could cause drivers to end up off the roadway. Potholes and other issues can also contribute to a fatality accident. Although a claim may be filed against the government entity, it has to be done within six months, which is the statute of limitations.
  • Animals on the road: Deer, rabbits, and other animals may dart out into traffic without warning, resulting in a driver swerving off course. If the animal is livestock that escaped, the owner might be held responsible if negligence was the cause.

How an Attorney Can Help You File a Wrongful Death Claim

When a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to think about is filing a wrongful death claim. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, it may be necessary to do so in order to ensure justice and fair compensation for damages suffered. An attorney who specializes in wrongful death cases can provide invaluable assistance and guidance with this process. Damages that can be recovered in many cases include:

  • Burial and funeral costs
  • The decedent’s wages until retirement age
  • Pensions, insurance coverage, and other benefits
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering experienced by the spouse and children of the decedent
  • Loss of household assistance

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Rancho Cordova

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