Fatal UTV Accident Occurs Near Plumas Lake

Young Man Killed in Fatal UTV Accident off Feather River Boulevard

A fatal UTV accident happened just south of Plumas Lake on September 5. The fatality accident occurred at Feather River Boulevard near County Road 512 shortly before 5:00 p.m. and was responded to by the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office as well as the California Highway Patrol (CHP). According to the accident report, a man, age 22, was on a Polaris General Utility Task Vehicle and going along a dirt road when it crashed into a water-filled canal. 

Vehicle Ends Up Partially Submerged in Canal in Fatal UTV Accident

The vehicle ended up in the water halfway submerged, and the fire department was led in by a forklift. The injured man was found by a farm worker and removed from the canal. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was performed on the man, and he was transported to the hospital where he died. 

Investigation Rules Out Drugs or Alcohol in Fatal Accident

Drug or alcohol use is not suspected as contributing to the accident. The incident is under investigation by CHP traffic accident examiners to find out what happened. 

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) and Safety

UTVs go by a number of different names, such as side-by-sides or quads. However, they can be dangerous because they have a high center of gravity and rollovers are common. Despite being equipped with roll bars and seat belts, the driver still has to exercise caution, especially on roads that may not be in the best condition. A number of lawsuits have been filed against Polaris, saying that the roll bars were not up to standards based on the horsepower of the vehicles. 

Product Liability Claims

When a manufacturer’s design is under par or their vehicle contains defective parts, those who have been injured or have lost family members in a fatal UTV accident may seek compensation. Keeping the vehicle intact is an important point since it can then be examined by an engineer to determine if a defect led to or contributed to the fatal UTV accident. If a defect or poor design or manufacture is found, the deceased person’s family may file a product liability claim to recover damages.

Recoverable Damages

Recoverable damages filed in a California wrongful death claim include:

  • Recovery of the wages the deceased person would have earned until retirement, plus any bonuses in the job, such as insurance coverage or pension benefits
  • Recovery of the cost of the funeral and burial
  • A surviving spouse may recover compensation for their loss of consortium, moral support and affection
  • Children in the family may recover damages for their loss of parental guidance
  • The loss of household assistance is recoverable

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