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Fatal Crash of Motorized Bike Rider in Elk Grove

Accident at Williard Parkway Intersection Claims Life of Bicyclist

A fatal crash was reported in Elk Grove on April 14 when the operator of a motorized bicycle collided with a truck. The accident was reported by the Elk Grove Police Department at around 3:47 in the afternoon at the intersection of Willard Parkway and Blossom Ridge Drive. Medics arrived from the Elk Grove Fire Department and took the bicycle rider to a nearby hospital. 

How the Accident Occurred

Traffic investigators in a preliminary report determined that the bicyclist was traveling west along Blossom Ridge Drive as the truck was moving north along Willard Parkway when the fatal crash occurred. The rider on the motor-driven bicycle ran a red light and entered the intersection where the bike struck the truck. The driver of the truck remained at the accident scene and was cooperating with the police. Neither drugs nor alcohol appeared to be a factor. 

Rider of Motor-Driven Bike Succumbs to Injuries

After being transported to the hospital, the rider died later from injuries suffered in the collision. The deceased bicyclist’s identity has not been released pending notification of the family. An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Losing a Loved One in a Fatal Crash

Learning that a loved one has died in a fatal crash can be devastating for any family. Suddenly the love, support, and closeness the individual provided is lost. Each family deals with this in a different way, but for most, the grief is overwhelming. 

Family members pass through stages of grief that begin with shock, denial, and anger. The family members want justice for their loved one and may face financial stress from their loss as well. Filing a wrongful death claim when a negligent party was responsible for their loved one’s demise can offer them a sense of closure. 

How to Help a Grieving Family

Close friends and family members can help a grieving family by offering the following acts of empathy and support:

  • Call the family to offer your condolences, and send a sympathy card or flowers as well.
  • Bring a prepared meal or purchased food to the family residence since many are too consumed by grief to think about eating.
  • Offer to do jobs around the house to help out. This may include walking the dog, mowing the lawn or picking up children at school.
  • Let the family know that you are available to take them to medical appointments or to the funeral parlor as end-of-life arrangements are made.
  • Continue to stay in touch after the services are over. This is a difficult time and one where your presence will be greatly appreciated. 

Reasons for a Fatal Crash

While human error is often the cause of many fatal crashes, there are other reasons that must be considered. These include:

  • Defective parts: Many times, the brakes, tires, or accelerator may be the cause of an accident. Since the deceased is unable to explain why the accident happened, it is important to examine the vehicle for defects. That is why a motor vehicle, electric bike, or motorcycle should be preserved after the accident. If this is the case, a product liability lawsuit can be placed against the manufacturer of the vehicle.
  • Government negligence: Failure to maintain the roadway, traffic lights, or foliage that can mask a stop sign or traffic signal is the basis for a lawsuit against the city or other entity in charge of maintenance. The time limit for filing such government claims is different than that found in other personal injury lawsuits. An experienced attorney will ensure that all documents are filed in a timely manner.

Elk Grove Wrongful Death Lawyer

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