Fatal Bicycle Accident Reported Near Stockton

Vehicle on El Dorado Street Causes Fatal Bicycle Accident

A fatal bicycle accident occurred recently near Stockton when a motor vehicle struck the rider. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened around 5:00 a.m. on El Dorado Street close to Arch Airport Road. Officers noted that the weather conditions were dark and rainy when the crash occurred. 

Stockton Woman Killed in Fatal Bicycle Accident

The driver reportedly tried to swerve to avoid hitting the rider but was unsuccessful. The bicycle rider died in the collision. The County Coroner’s Office has not released his name pending family notification. The vehicle driver, a Stockton woman, 32, remained at the accident scene and was cooperating with the CHP traffic investigators.

Bicycle Accidents and Their Causes

Bicyclists are especially vulnerable to injuries or fatalities in a collision with a motor vehicle due to their lack of protection. In addition, although drivers tend to look for other motorists when on the road, they are less likely to consider bicyclists and pedestrians. Some of the common causes of a fatal bicycle accident include:

  • Ignoring the three-foot distance rule: In California, motorists must maintain a distance of at least three feet from bicyclists to avoid a collision.
  • Making an improper right-hand turn: Drivers often slip into the bicycle lane to make a right turn at an intersection. However, turning into the lane without checking for a rider occupying that space can cause a fatal bicycle crash.
  • Dooring collisions: A dooring collision occurs when a vehicle driver or passenger opens their door without first checking that the way is clear. A dooring accident often ejects the rider from their bike and can throw them into oncoming traffic.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving accounts for a high number of accidents. The driver chatting on their phone, texting or performing any activity that removes their eyes and concentration from the road can cause a fatal bicycle accident.

An Injury Lawyer Can Help You With Your Claim

An attorney can help you by reviewing your case and investigating if you have lost a family member in an accident due to negligence. A lawyer will gather evidence related to your case and assist your family in filing a wrongful death claim as part of his or her services. We offer free case reviews to help you learn more about your options and get your questions answered.

By filing a wrongful death claim, the family can recover the cost of end-of-life expenses, wages the decedent would have earned until retirement age, loss of consortium for the spouse, and more. By holding the negligent party responsible, the family can obtain some measure of peace and avoid the financial problems associated with the sudden demise of a loved one.

Accident lawyer Ed Smith explains the process of bringing a wrongful death claim in the following video:


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