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Fatal Auto Accident Statistics

Fatal Auto Accident Statistics

Fatal Auto Accident Statistics

Fatal Auto Accident Statistics

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Alarming Data Regarding Fatal Auto Accident Statistics

Data has just been released regarding the frequency of automobile collisions and resultant fatalities for the year 2015, and the narrative it suggests is somewhat alarming: For the first time in a full half-century, fatalities on the roads in the United States have increased dramatically. Not since 1965-1966 has the U.S. seen a percentage increase in this metric as large as the one recorded for 2014-2015: over seven percent. In fact, since 2005, this statistic has trended downward nearly every year, with only one very small rise recorded in 2012.

Over 35,000 Deaths on US Roads in 2015

In absolute terms, the number of deaths tallied on U.S. roads in 2015 comes to just over 35,000. Injuries from vehicle accidents add an additional 105,000 to this number. In 2014, fatalities came to slightly under 33,000. The new data includes many other specificities about the state of traffic accidents in the United States currently, most of which support the problematic trend. Deaths related to intoxicated drivers and distracted drivers, for example, both increased noticeably, the former by over three percent and the latter by nearly nine percent. It has been speculated that the especially large increase in the number of deaths resulting from accidents involving distracted drivers – a category that includes vehicle operators texting, using their phone, eating, or otherwise engaged in a non-driving related activity while at the wheel – may have something to do with the ever-increasing ownership rate and frequency of usage of mobile tech devices. Several states, including California, have launched advertising campaigns intended to target some of these issues, especially texting while driving.

White House Press Release Asks For Suggestions 

This information comes jointly from the United States Department of Transportation and from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but was announced by the White House in a press release which also asks for suggestions and help from the general public on the issue. The government encourages the participation of interested citizens, advocacy groups, data analysts, and any others in a position to assist with diagnosing the reason for the increases. The White House has posted the full mass of data compiled by the agencies online, so that anyone may peruse it for additional insight. You can have a look yourself if you’re interested here.

Connection Between Economic Health and a Higher Incidence of Traffic Fatalities

There is generally believed to be some connection between economic health and a higher incidence of traffic fatalities. When job growth is strong and the price of gasoline relatively low, the number of miles traveled typically increases proportionally and so too does the number of traffic deaths and injuries. Two factors suggest that this explanation might not be completely sufficient for the increase seen in the 2014-2015 round of data, however:

  1. An increase of the size of the one recorded between 2014-2015 has not been seen in the last fifty years, a period which includes several similar pockets of low gas prices coupled with fairly strong job growth.
  2. The data points to a discrepancy between the increase in the number of miles traveled by Americans and the increase in the number of traffic fatalities. While both rose, as to be expected, the former saw an uptick of 3.5 percent, which is large historically, but still considerably smaller than the over 7 percent increase in fatalities.

What Has Caused the Increase in Fatal Auto Accident Statistics?

It remains unclear what influences might account for the increase in fatalities. The White House has suggested the changing impact of climate change and variance in public health indicators as possible lines of investigation.

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