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Fatal Accident Near Magalia Kills Paradise Woman

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September 15, 2023
Edward Smith

Woman Killed in Two-Vehicle Crash on Skyway Near Magalia

A fatal accident near Magalia on September 10 cost the life of an 83-year-old Paradise woman. The collision happened along Skyway, which runs north from Magalia. According to the incident report by the Paradise Police Department, a Magalia resident, 47, was going east along Skyway when his vehicle drifted into the opposing lane and crashed head-on with the car driven by the elderly woman.

Both Drivers Transported to Hospital in Fatal Accident

Both drivers suffered serious trauma and were transported to a hospital. However, the woman died at the hospital about five hours later. As the investigation into the cause of the fatal collision occurred, authorities discovered that the man who caused the collision had been drinking and watching football beforehand. 

Driver Being Charged With Felony in Fatal Accident

Officers went to the hospital where the man was being treated and placed him under arrest for driving under the influence, resulting in bodily injury, which is a felony. Because of his trauma, the man could not be taken to jail to be booked at this time. Since the woman died, the case will go to the District Attorney for Butte County to ask that an additional felony charge be levied for gross vehicular manslaughter while under the influence. 

Wrongful Death Cases Involving Roadway Accidents

In the event of a fatal accident, the deceased’s immediate family members may file a claim for wrongful death against the negligent drivers or other parties. An attorney who handles traffic collisions can assess whether wrongful death claims have evidence to support them. A lawyer collects evidence such as police reports, video footage from traffic cameras, witness statements, and medical records from accident scenes.

Legal Assistance in Fatalities

For a successful negligence claim in California that involves a fatal accident, you must have the help of an experienced wrongful death lawyer. To ensure the integrity of your case, an attorney gathers evidence and reviews its strengths. The legal rights you possess and the steps you must take to prevail in a legal claim are important matters to understand.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Compensation

California law permits the recovery of the following compensation through wrongful death actions:

  • You can recover burial and funeral expenses.
  • Pensions, insurance, and other benefits can also be recovered, along with the deceased’s earnings, until retirement age.
  • As a result of the crash, the spouse might be able to recover damages for loss of love, consortium and moral support.
  • A family’s children can receive compensation for losing advice, love and protection.
  • It is possible that the deceased provided household services, such as taking care of lawns, vehicles, children, homes, etc. These losses can be estimated if the spouse pays someone to do these chores.
  • An at-fault party may be liable for punitive damages when they act egregiously or intentionally. Your injury lawyer can inform you if your family is entitled to punitive damages.

Ed Smith offers some tips for choosing a suitable personal injury lawyer below:

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