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Fairfield Public Works Employees Honored

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January 28, 2017
Edward Smith




Fairfield Public Works Employees Honored

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield car accident lawyer. On Tuesday, January 24, 2016, the city of Fairfield recognized the hard work of the Public Works Operations and Maintenance Department and thanked its members for their hard work in ensuring that the public structures of the city are properly maintained.

The Department

The City of Fairfield Public Works Corporation Yard currently employs 96 people who are responsible for the maintenance of all of Fairfield’s public assets. The labor that this diverse group of employees performs includes doing regular maintenance of the city’s water distribution and sewer collection systems, city parks, all city-owned buildings, creeks and storm drains, non-safety city-owned vehicles, and, of course, city streets, traffic lights, sidewalks, street signs, and alleyways.

The work that the Public Works Corporation Yard does to keep streets safe for pedestrians and drivers in Fairfield includes jobs such as filling dangerous potholes, re-painting street stripes, making sure traffic signs are readable, and doing regular maintenance on traffic lights to ensure that they do not malfunction and cause car accidents. Any service calls made for the maintenance or repair of public roads is directed to these employees, who are responsible for seeing the process of safety evaluation and repair through from beginning to end.

Important Jobs

The city of Fairfield thanked the Public Works Corporation Yard for working in various types of weather conditions including heavy rain and high heats. The city also noted that these employees not only work regular, scheduled hours for routine maintenance, but also often work outside of normal hours to handle safety emergencies that the city needs to deal with. These public workers respond to emergency calls including traffic signal outages, overflowing sewers, broken-down city buses, potholes, fallen trees, and broken water lines, the city noted.

The Superintendent of the Public Works Operations Department of Fairfield, Pat Giles, said that the PWCY “always give their best effort” when faced with limited resources and time to deal with public safety situations.

Unsung Heroes

The city said that their public works employees often are required to have face-to-face interaction with the public, and at many times the people they have to interact with are irate. The city praised them for maintaining professionalism and their positive attitudes during all of the stressful situations they have to endure. Fairfield’s statement noted that their public works employees are “the unsung heroes” that work to keep the city functioning while also attempting to stay “under the radar.”

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