Fairfield DUI Car Accidents

Fairfield DUI Car Accidents

Fairfield DUI Car Accidents

Fairfield DUI Car Accidents – Fairfield is right in the middle of Solano County and is the meeting point of some of the Bay Area’s most-traveled highways. Because of this, the city sees a lot of traffic that often leads to auto accidents. However, many of these accidents aren’t just due to high traffic. The majority of crashes are caused by drivers who commit traffic violations. One of the most serious traffic violations that affect the community of Fairfield is driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. Those who frequently drive on city streets or highways in Fairfield may be interested in reading about how impaired drivers affect the area.

Accidents Overview

Data taken from the University of California at Berkeley shows that 6,871 traumatic car accidents were reported in Fairfield between January 1, 2007, and December 31, 2017. These involved 433 (6.3 percent) pedestrian collisions, 372 (5.4 percent) motorcycle crashes, and 299 (4.4 percent ) bicycle accidents. Additionally, 2,676 of these collisions happened on a highway within the city.

According to officials, out of the 6,871 accidents involving injuries, 433 of them were primarily caused by intoxication. This means that 6.3 percent of injury-causing Fairfield crashes were the fault of a drunk and/or drugged motorist. This was the fourth most common causal factor. The most common injury crash factors were right-of-way violations, dangerous turning, and breaking the speed limit.


While DUI only caused about 6 percent of Fairfield’s injury accidents, crashes caused by impaired drivers tended to be much more severe. While only about 1 percent of traumatic Fairfield crashes were fatal, those involving DUI had a fatality rate of nearly 4.5 percent. This means that DUI collisions were about 4.5 times more deadly than all accidents involving injuries. Furthermore, the rate of DUI crashes involving severe injuries was also more than four times higher than that for traumatic wrecks in general.

Holding Impaired Drivers Responsible

People who choose to drive while intoxicated knowingly put themselves and others at deadly risk. For this reason, they can be held responsible for the pain and suffering that their decisions cause. Drunk drivers are normally considered negligent when they are involved in accidents and are liable to pay injured parties for their losses. In cases involving fatal injuries, drunk drivers are often responsible for paying for things like funeral costs, emotional trauma, loss of income, and more.

While drunk drivers are almost always considered negligent when a crash occurs, there may be more than one at-fault party. To learn more about the details of determining fault in a collision, check out the below video from Fairfield car accident lawyer, Ed Smith:

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