Fairfield Collision Prompts Sheriff’s Warning

Fairfield Collision Prompts Sheriff’s Warning

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield personal injury lawyer. On Saturday May 20, 2017, a multiple-vehicle rollover crash occurred on a country road in unincorporated Solano County near Fairfield. As a response to the collision, the Solano County Sheriff’s Office issued a public warning about the dangers of driving over the speed limit and ignoring traffic signs.

Accident Details 

According to information from the Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred on Wooden Valley Road not far from Joyce Lane, a road on the outskirts of Fairfield. The time of the accident was reported to be sometime in the early afternoon.

The collision was between a blue station wagon of unreported make and model and a small champagne-colored sedan, also of unreported make and model. The cars collided with each other while traveling opposite directions on the country road, causing the sedan to overturn and come to a rest in a small ditch on the shoulder of the road.


Pictures posted by the Sheriff’s Office show serious damage to both vehicles. The front end of the station wagon is shown to be damaged on the driver’s side with the fender being ripped off by the impact and the wheel clearly far out of alignment. The sedan is pictured upside down with apparent damage to the passenger side of the vehicle’s front-end.


Thankfully, none of the occupants of either vehicle sustained any significant injuries and, according to the Sheriff’s Office, were able to walk away from their wrecked vehicles without needing to be extricated or assisted.

Public Warning

The Sheriff’s Office used the incident as an opportunity to deliver a message to the public via facebook, posting images of the car wreck picturing the severely damaged cars and reminding citizens of Solano County that as the weather gets warmer, more and more vehicles will be on the road and that drivers should be sure to be cognizant and obedient of speed limits and all road signs in Solano cities and county roads.

Reckless Driving

Not all accidents end as well as this one. When drivers operate their vehicles without regard for safety, they risk the safety and lives of themselves, other drivers, and pedestrians. Nobody should have to endure suffering because of the destructive and negligent driving of another. If a serious accident happens because of somebody who is driving recklessly, the responsible driver should be held accountable for the traumatic injuries and damages that occurred as the result of their actions.

Reckless driving behaviors include; speeding, distracted driving, DUI, failure to yield, failure to use turn signals, running red lights, tailgating, racing, passing on the wrong side of the road, driving too fast in inclement weather conditions, and more.

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Image Attribution: Government Images in the Public Domain – Solano County, California

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