Fairfield Bicycle Accident Statistics

Fairfield Bicycle Accident Statistics

Fairfield Bicycle Accident Statistics

I’m Ed Smith, a Fairfield bicycle accident lawyer. With lovely hills surrounding the area and easy access to well-maintained biking trails, Fairfield is a popular place to go for a ride. In fact, the California Bicycle Coalition reports that the number of people who regularly bike is on the rise all across the state. However, riding a bike always comes with the chance of being involved in an accident, especially when sharing the road with motor vehicles. The U.S. Department of Transportation has stated that over 500,000 people in the U.S. are sent to the emergency room because of bicycle crashes every year.

Because cycling can be dangerous, those who ride bikes frequently should practice proper safety precautions. Wearing helmets and bright, protective clothing can help reduce the risk of being seriously injured in a crash. Another good way to avoid accidents is to learn about how and where they happen in your area. Fairfield residents may be interested to know the following bicycle accident statistics for their city.

Overview of Bicycle Accidents

During the time period between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2017, there were 325 bicycle accidents in the city of Fairfield. These accidents left 330 individuals with injuries and cost two people their lives. Notably, nearly 97 percent of the individuals injured in these collision were cyclists.

The injuries sustained in these accidents ranged from minor to severe but tended to be more severe than vehicle accidents not involving cyclists. Six percent of injured individuals were severely hurt, while 45 percent received visible injuries. Another 47 percent suffered injuries that were not visible.

Common Accident Locations

Dangerous areas in Fairfield that have seen a high number of bicycle accidents include:

  • West Texas Street at Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Travis Boulevard at Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Travis Boulevard at Clay Street
  • North Texas Street between East Tabor Avenue and Cement Hill Road
  • Highway Interstate 80 north of Travis Boulevard
  • East Tabor Road at Dover Avenue

Common Violations

Accidents can happen for many reasons. In some cases, faulty bicycle parts can be the reason a crash happens. In others, a defect in the roadway may be at fault. However, the majority of accidents occur when a driver or cyclist breaks the rules of the road. The following list contains the most common violations to cause a bicycle accident in Fairfield.  Next to the cause, is the number of crashes that violation caused between 2006-2017:

  1. Driving/Cycling on the wrong side of the road, 97
  2. Automobile right of way, 62
  3. Traffic sign and signal violations, 41
  4. Unsafe turning, 40
  5. Speeding, 14
  6. Dangerous starting and/or backing up, 6
  7. Driving/Cycling under the influence, 5

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Fairfield Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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