Fair Oaks Fatal Car Accident Pedestrian’s Death Prompts Investigation

fair oaks fatal car accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Fair Oaks pedestrian accident lawyer. A 26-year-old woman, identified as Crystal Shrum, a resident of Carmichael, was struck and killed in Fair Oaks. At the time, she was heading home after a belated birthday celebration on March 3.

My prayers and sympathy are with the family and friends of this young woman for their great loss.

What Happened?

The celebrants were playing pool at the party and drinking when, according to a cousin of the deceased woman, Shrum exited the pub where the celebration was being held to join her boyfriend who was walking home. About an hour later, the woman’s cousin and her boyfriend discovered Shrum’s handbag lying in the street.

Watch Youtube Video ~ Sacramento Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash on Night of her Birthday Party. The family of the young woman killed wants answers. Learn more about the investigation into the tragedy that took the life of Crystal Shrum in the video below.

Police Discover a Hit and Run Accident

According to a representative of the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the hit and run accident appears to have occurred shortly after midnight when the body of the deceased woman was discovered lying face down in the middle of Fair Oaks Boulevard, which was wet. Investigators believe the woman was already lying in the road when a vehicle struck her. The family of the deceased woman reported that she worked as a certified medical assistant, taking care of her mother.

Hit and Run Driver Sought

Pieces of the vehicle, gray in color, were found at the accident scene, and officials are seeking the driver, who fled the scene. Police are asking that any witnesses to the accident call to help identify the perpetrator of the crime.

Local Residents Say the Road is Dangerous

Local residents who live in the area where the woman was killed said that this stretch of Fair Oaks Boulevard can be dangerous, particularly after dark. One resident said the area was poorly lit, and another said it was difficult to see around a particular hill in the road.

Pedestrian Fatalities

The number of pedestrian fatalities grew in 2017 to reach 6,000. This nationwide increase means pedestrian safety is at its worst in over two decades, according to USA Today. This rapid rise in pedestrian deaths may be due to several factors, including a better economy, increased use of cell phones and other devices and ineffective headlights.

Improved Economy and Distraction

The improvements in the economy in recent years, as well as the low cost of gasoline, means there are more drivers on the road. The heavy traffic makes it harder to protect pedestrians from danger. Both pedestrians and drivers need to pay attention to what is going on around them to stay safe and avoid distractions. Unfortunately, the use of cell phones and other electronic devices makes this harder than ever. Some states such as Hawaii have outlawed the use of cell phones while walking in addition to the established prohibition against driving and using a cell phone. Listening to music while walking can also make a pedestrian unaware of hazards.

Visibility and Pedestrian Accidents

Being visibly conspicuous while walking can prevent many accidents. Roughly 2,500 pedestrians are killed in the dark annually. When lights are dim, the eye is less able to see an object with a great deal of acuity. Because of the way the eye works when light is reduced, contrast is the dominant way that an object is seen. If a pedestrian is dressed in dark clothes against a dark background, the eye will be unable to distinguish it very well.


The ability of headlights to spread enough light on objects is another problem. In 2015, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that many SUVs and cars had inefficient headlights. According to the study, it is not just the brightness of the headlight but the way it is positioned. In the future, more cars and SUVs will have headlights that respond to the way the wheels turn, swiveling in the direction of the road.

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