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February 03, 2015
Edward Smith

What type of facial injuries can result from a dog bite?

Dog bite injuries to the face are commonly soft tissue in nature. Children are reportedly the most vulnerable target of these type of injuries from a dog bite. It is important to get early medical management of these type of injuries to prevent infection and for good cosmetic results.

Unfortunately, some of the injuries caused from a dog attack can be severe. Dog Bite injuries to the face and head can result in disfigurement and long standing physical and psychological scarring.

Some common facial injuries resulting from dog bites include the following:

• Scratches
• Puncture wounds
• Lacerations
• Avulsion wounds (deep tissue that is torn away)
• Nerve injury
• Eye damage
• Fractures of the nasal bones
• Ear trauma
• Cartilage damage
• Deep tissue damage
• Scarring
• Lost teeth or dental damage

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