Exit Ramp Collision at Sacramento International Airport

Exit Ramp Collision at Sacramento International Airport

Exit Ramp Collision at Sacramento International Airport

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. A collision between two vehicles in North Sacramento at the off-ramp of Sacramento International Airport happened on May 29. No specific injuries were reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), but emergency medical personnel were called to the scene of the crash. Debris in the roadway near the center medium slowed traffic.

What Happened?

The accident happened at about noon on the Airport Boulevard and Crossfield Drive exit ramp near the vehicle rental area. It involved a tan-colored Jeep and a Chrysler 600. Tow trucks were called to the scene to remove the vehicles, and the accident site was quickly cleared. No information has been released by the CHP on the cause of the collision.

Off-Ramp Accidents

Exit ramps are considered areas of high risk for drivers. This is due to many factors, including the number of vehicles using the ramp at any one time, the changes in the rates of acceleration and deceleration and curves. Some other problems are:

  • Speeding on the ramp and not slowing down appropriately to accommodate traffic
  • Not stopping in time when another vehicle slows down
  • Failing to leave adequate space between cars
  • Hitting the brakes too hard
  • Not recognizing curves or rails in time due to poor lighting
  • Being subjected to other vehicles cutting you off, which is an example of road rage
  • Not decelerating enough from the higher roadway speed when entering the ramp

On-Ramp Accidents

Since entrance ramps merge into highway traffic, a driver must be able to reach highway speeds quickly. The on-ramp empties into a merging lane. This is a short lane that gives the driver time to build up momentum and enter the traffic flow on the highway. There are times when the traffic is too heavy to merge right away, and it might be necessary to stop and wait. Drivers already on the highway need to be aware and adjust their speed to accommodate merging drivers if possible.

How Municipalities and States Can Make Exit Ramps Safer

Some highways are using timed entrance meters. These are stop lights that control the number of vehicles that can enter the highway at any one time. By doing this, it prevents serious accident injuries based on a random entry process. This not only increases driver safety but also helps to decrease congestion on the freeway. Some ramp meters may be used only during peak traffic periods, and others are consistently operated. In California, some metered roads allow several cars to approach the signals at one time. The meters in each lane will turn red, yellow or green. While several vehicles pull up to the meters, their entrance onto the highway is itself metered. Entry meters have been shown to be successful in monitoring traffic flow. By installing the devices, government increases safety on the freeway.

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