Eureka Crash Sends Woman to Hospital

Eureka Crash Sends Woman to Hospital

According to a report from officers of the Eureka Police Department (EPD), a traumatic car accident happened in the area on Thursday, January 10, 2018. Reports stated that the collision left one local woman with serious injuries that required treatment at a nearby hospital. Police indicated that the crash involved two vehicles and took place during the day in a residential area of Eureka. Investigators with EPD are currently looking into collision evidence to determine what factors were involved in the collision.  So far, updates on the condition of the injured woman have not been reported by medical officials.

Auto Accident Details

EPD reported that the auto accident took place at the intersection of Buhne and H Streets. Two vehicles, identified as a Toyota and Honda, reportedly struck each other while attempting to navigate the intersection shortly after 10:00 a.m. Further details about how the accident took place are currently unavailable.

EPD sent a team of emergency response personnel to the crash location immediately after receiving notification that a person may have been seriously hurt in the accident. When they arrived, officers discovered that the driver of the Toyota had suffered severe injuries. The woman was transported by ground ambulance to the St. Joseph Hospital to be given immediate medical care. Reports stated that the driver of the Honda did not suffer any injuries during the incident. No other individuals were reported to have been affected by this crash.


As EPD continues their investigation of this crash, officers have not said what factors they suspect to have caused the Toyota and Honda to collide. Common crash factors involved in accidents like this one include medical emergencies, drivers distracted by cell phones, traffic sign violations, driving at unsafe speeds, auto product defects, and more.

Intersection Accidents

Some areas of the road tend to have more accidents than others, and intersections are some of the most dangerous areas that drivers navigate. The Federal Highway Administration has estimated that around 2.5 million crashes happen in U.S. intersections every year and that 40 percent of accidents in the nation happen in an intersection. This makes intersections the second most common factor involved in crashes, right behind rear-end impacts.

Intersections often include broadside impacts, which can be very dangerous because the sides of vehicles have significantly less collision protection than the front or rear end. Many people who are injured in intersection accidents face a long, expensive process of recovery and may need the help of a personal injury lawyer in Eureka to claim the money they deserve for their losses.

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