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Eureka Car Accident Statistics

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October 11, 2017
Edward Smith

Eureka Car Accident Statistics

I’m Ed Smith, a Eureka car accident lawyer. Eureka is a small city of just about 27,000 people located in the heart of California’s incredible north coast. While the city is small and traffic heavy traffic is a rarity, there have still been a significant number of auto collisions in Eureka over the past several years.

Individuals who frequently drive on Eureka’s roadways may be interested in the statistics included in the following blog.

Accidents Overview

During the period of seven years beginning in January 2010 and ending in December 2016, there was a total of 1,580 motor vehicle collisions in Eureka that resulted in some sort of injury for one or more involved party. A total of 2,088 individuals suffered injuries and 25 lost their lives as a direct result of these accidents.

Of Eureka’s injury crashes, 212 (13.4 percent) involved pedestrians, 143 (9.1 percent) involved bicycles, 84 (5.3 percent) involved motorcycles, and the remaining 1,141 accidents (72 percent) involved large trucks or normal passenger vehicles.

Additionally, 567 of the collisions happened on a state highway that is within Eureka’s city limits, meaning that a little over a third of Eureka’s traumatic accidents occurred on Highway 101/Broadway Street.

Severity of Accidents

The majority of accidents (61.58 percent) that involved traumatic injuries in Eureka only involved a complaint of pain from one or more of the people who were involved in the accident. The most common injury after complaints of pain were non-severe visible injuries at 31.77 percent. After this, accidents involving severe, visible injuries account for 5.06 percent of injuries, with fatal accidents making up the remaining 1.58 percent.

Complaints of Pain

It should be noted that injuries can be serious even if they only register as a complaint of pain at the time of the accident. For example, concussions can take hours and even days to start showing symptoms. If left untreated, latent injuries can lead to secondary injuries and complications that may not have been a factor initially at the time of the accident.

Accidents in Comparison

The city of Eureka has a lower per-capita rate of injury-related vehicle accidents than Humboldt County as a whole, which has about a twenty percent increase in collisions per-capita in comparison. The county also has a larger percentage of collisions that occur on state highways, with about 47.4 percent of accidents occurring on highways compared to Eureka’s 35.9 percent.

Auto accident injuries in Humboldt County are also more often fatal than in the city of Eureka, with fatal accidents making up 3.47 percent of collisions countywide. The figure for the Humboldt county relating to severe injuries is 11.53 percent, more than double Eureka’s 5.06 percent.

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