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March 29, 2019
Edward Smith

Esophageal Tear 

The esophagus is an integral part of the digestive tract as it connects the mouth to the stomach. Because of the length of the stomach and the lack of protection from any bony structure, the esophagus is vulnerable to an injury. Unfortunately, the esophagus is also prone to suffering an injury in a motor vehicle collision. One of the injuries of the esophagus that people could sustain is a laceration or a tear of the esophagus. This is a serious injury that may lead to major complications.

Mechanism of a Tear of the Esophagus

An auto accident can happen at any time. When this happens, there are many sources of penetrating injuries. These include:

  • The glass that flies through the vehicle from windows and windshields
  • Exposed pieces of plastic as the front of the car deforms
  • Metal spikes and shrapnel from the damaged frame

Any of these can lead to a penetrating of the neck which can damage critical structures such as:

  • The carotid arteries
  • The jugular vein
  • Vital organs such as the trachea
  • The esophagus

Complications of an Esophageal Tear

A tear of the esophagus can lead to serious medical problems. One of the biggest issues is that people will start bleeding inside of their esophagus. As individuals start coughing, they might notice that blood begins to come up. This requires immediate medical attention. Some of the serious complications that could arise include:

  • Serious difficulty eating due to pain from the esophageal tear
  • An enlargement of the tear  as the esophagus contracts and expands
  • The possibility of a full-thickness tear

A rupture of the esophagus could lead to a life-threatening situation. The saliva and blood from the esophagus could start to drain into the chest cavity, leading to respiratory distress and a medical emergency.

Watch YouTube Video: Preparing for Esophageal Surgery. The video below provides useful information for patients who are preparing to have esophageal surgery.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

Individuals who sustain an injury of the esophagus are going to be alarmed when they start to cough up blood. This will likely lead to an emergency trip to the hospital, placing the entire family under stress. For help with this situation, it is a good idea to meet with a car accident lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the ways that an injury lawyer can help include:
  • Meeting with families to help them make objective decisions during a hard time.
  • Negotiating with financial institutions to help families receive their benefits in full and on time.
  • Moving a case to trial when required.
Reach out to a Sacramento car accident attorney today. You could be owed a financial award.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers

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