Elk Grove Multiple Vehicle Crash Near Auto Mall

Elk Grove Multiple Vehicle Crash Near Auto Mall

An Elk Grove multiple vehicle crash happened while commuters were heading to work on November 29. The accident, involving six vehicles, occurred along State Route 99 northbound and Elk Grove Boulevard near the Auto Mall. At least one individual was said to have suffered an injury in the crash, which blocked the number one and number two lanes. An ambulance was reported as being called to the scene of the Elk Grove multiple vehicle crash.

Details of the Accident

One vehicle reported in the Elk Grove multiple vehicle accident was a Toyota Corolla. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), an occupant in this vehicle was injured. After the accident, all vehicles were removed to the right-hand side to allow for traffic to pass, and tow trucks were called to remove at least some of the vehicles. There is no information as to the identity of the injured party or the nature of the injuries suffered in the crash at the time of this report.

Causes of a Multiple Vehicle Crash 

Multiple vehicle or chain reaction accidents involve three vehicles or more. They account for 13,000 injuries and 15 percent of all highway deaths annually. Such accidents are dangerous since within several seconds the highway becomes a collision course with vehicles trying to stay out of harm’s way. This plays an important role in the number of accidents.

Initial Impact in an Elk Grove Multiple Vehicle Crash

The initial impact is usually due to driver error on the part of one motorist. In turn, this collision leads to secondary impacts where drivers are generally trying to avoid an accident. On a busy stretch of highway, where many chain reaction crashes occur, this is difficult, particularly at rush hour. In addition, most highways have a higher speed limit than secondary roads, and this lends itself to more catastrophic collisions and serious injuries.

Assigning Fault in a Multiple Vehicle Crash

Assigning fault in an Elk Grove multiple vehicle accident can be complex. The driver who initially caused the accident is at fault, but the possibility exists that other drivers may also be blamed. This means that fault will be assigned to multiple people, and the jury will be charged with sorting it out if it goes to trial. That is why it is so important to have an attorney to represent you in a multiple vehicle accident.

How Your Multiple Vehicle Crash Attorney Can Help

By reviewing the elements of the crash and using the assistance of reconstruction experts, your attorney will develop a better picture of what happened every step of the way. Once this is done, your attorney will be able to present this to the court in an informed and orderly manner often using computer renderings of the multiple vehicle crash. An experienced attorney is invaluable in helping you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Injuries in a Multiple Vehicle Crash

Since chain reaction collisions often happen on wet or icy roads with cars and trucks ricocheting off other vehicles, the types of injuries are varied. Many involve side-impact collisions or rear-end crashes. Due to the lack of side airbags on many vehicles and weaker structural integrity, side impacts can cause serious injuries such as trauma to the torso, head injuries or internal bleeding. Rear end accidents often cause a cervical sprain. Other types of injuries include:

Elk Grove Auto Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

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