Elk Grove Hit and Run Accident Kills Elderly Man

Elk Grove Hit and Run Accident Kills Elderly Man

A hit and run accident on November 7 left an elderly man to die on Waterman Road in the vicinity of Sheldon and Calvine roads at about 6:00 p.m. Elk Grove Police responded to the call. Their investigators said it was their belief that the man, 85-year-old Edward Villasenor of Elk Grove, was standing on the shoulder of Waterman Road when he was struck by the fleeing vehicle. Police are searching for the driver they believe was in a red SUV thought to be a Ford Explorer. The police say the SUV’s front end was heavily damaged in the crash. It was last seen heading west on Calvine Road. Police remained at the scene investigating the crash and ask anyone to contact the Elk Grove Police Department if they have any further information about the accident. The public is also being asked to call if an SUV fitting the description is seen. Moreover, a GoFundMe page has been created on behalf of Mr. Villasenor’s family to help cover his funeral expenses.

Losing a Family Member in a Hit and Run Accident

Pedestrian hit and run accidents are common, yet remain some of the most brutal. The image of a pedestrian left to die haunts the family. Beyond the hideous actions of the driver, family members are particularly distraught by the suddenness of their loved one’s demise. This translates into feelings of anger, disbelief and grief. Symptoms associated with the event are often emotional. The person might show physical symptoms such as exhaustion, nervousness, and refusal to talk, eat or sleep. Fearfulness might also become an overriding emotion as the person deals with the possibility that it might happen again. Other family members, caregivers and friends should try to do the following to help during this difficult period:

  • Help fulfill basic needs: It is important for the bereaved to feel safe and have enough to eat. It is helpful to prepare meals and offer to stay while they eat. 
  • Make sure they stay safe: During this phase, the person’s mind is focused on the accident and funeral and burial arrangements. It might be best to offer to drive them wherever they may need to go to avoid a traffic collision.
  • Cover the bases: It might be difficult for the bereaved person to maintain the schedule they normally had. This includes caring for children and the elderly. Set up temporary arrangements that are practical and make sure their employer has been notified.
  • Provide information about the accident: The bereaved will be anxious to know how the accident happened. Keeping this information from them is not always helpful. Answer any questions they might have. 
  • Make sure medical conditions are covered: It is important to ensure that the person has the prescriptions they need on hand. Ask if they feel they need to see their physician and offer to take them there.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A person’s death has emotional and financial consequences for the family. The latter includes loss of the income the person provided and might provide in the future and the love and emotional support they gave to family members. A wrongful death lawsuit can ensure that the financial issues listed above and funeral and burial services are covered. This will not eliminate the grief family members feel, but it can also be a way of dealing with the injustice of such an accident.

How an Attorney Can Help

At our firm, we dispatch our investigative team to the accident scene to determine how the crash happened and who was responsible. We do this by using accident reconstruction techniques and interviewing witnesses to the crash. We also search for videos from traffic light surveillance cameras as well as those from nearby businesses and homes. Our investigators then review police reports for mistakes and missed evidence. We also use our own protocol to help with finding the driver, including checking with body shops in the area to see if a vehicle matching the description has been brought in for repairs. Once this evidence is accumulated, we turn it over to our legal team to build a strong case for the client.

If the fleeing driver is not found, we counsel our clients on the possibility of using uninsured motorist insurance. If they do not carry automobile insurance with this coverage and a family member living with them does, the client can use this to collect damages.

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