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Elk Grove Collision Results in Major Injury

Elk Grove Collision Results in Major Injury

An Elk Grove collision between two vehicles occurred shortly after 3:00 p.m. recently along Dierssen Road that resulted in a major injury to one person. The area of Dierssen Road was between the West Side Freeway and north of Twin Cities Road. Major damage was reported to at least one of the vehicles, which required the assistance of a tow truck to remove it from the accident site. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) will be handling the investigation into the cause of the auto accident and to place fault. No further information has been released by authorities on the condition of the person who was injured or their identity.

Accidents Along Rural Roads

Accidents that occur along rural roads account for more than half of all traffic fatalities. Because rural roads tend to have only two lanes and are undivided and lacking guardrails, this increases the risk of an Elk Grove collision. While environmental factors can cause a small percentage of accidents such as livestock on the road, human error is the major cause of crashes.

Reasons Elk Grove Collisions Happen

Some of the reasons human error can contribute to an Elk Grove collision include:

  • Driving in the Middle: One of the real dangers of rural roads is that some people have a tendency to drive down the middle, falsely assuming that because traffic is light, no one is coming from the other direction. This negligent behavior can cause a head-on Elk Grove collision, resulting in serious injuries to the parties in both vehicles.
  • Unsafe Passing: Passing can be tricky, especially for someone who is unfamiliar with driving on country roads. Passing on a double yellow line means that the view ahead may be obscured, and the motorist cannot see oncoming traffic until it is too late.
  • Speeding: Because traffic is lower on rural roads, motorists are tempted to ignore the speed limit. They may assume they will not be caught by police and can reach their destination faster. Younger drivers may consider driving fast a thrill and do not realize the danger. Speeding on a rural road can cause the driver to lose control of their car.
  • Drinking and Driving: Fatalities related to drunk driving constituted 27 percent along rural roads in 2016. Drunk and/or drugged drivers contribute to a high number of accidents across the nation. Although a motorist has to show a BAC level of 0.08 percent to be considered drunk, even small amounts of alcohol can affect judgment, coordination, and vision.
  • Seat Belt Usage: Those driving on country roads are less likely to use seat belts, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Statistics show that more than 15,000 individuals are saved every year when involved in a crash because they were using restraints.
  • Distracted driving: Talking on a cell phone or texting is the number one cause of distracted driving. Other ways distraction occurs is eating while driving, accessing GPS, changing a radio station or chatting with passengers.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

An injury lawyer can be of enormous assistance after a car accident. By retaining a lawyer, the injured party can resolve their health issues while knowing that the attorney will be investigating the accident to determine who was responsible. This may involve going to the site of the crash where clues are generally prevalent. In addition, the attorney will be able to deal with the insurance company, taking that burden from their client. If the insurer refuses to provide the compensation their client deserves, the attorney can take the case to civil court. In the end, a lawyer will have only their client’s best interests in mind. Personal injury lawyers usually work on a contingency basis, which means they won’t be paid unless their client wins.

Elk Grove Car Accident Lawyer

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