eBART System Gets Ready for May Debut

eBART System Gets Ready for May Debut

eBART System Gets Ready for May Debut

I’m Ed Smith, an Antioch Personal Injury Lawyer. The highly anticipated eBART system is all set for its May opening in the city of Antioch, California. Recent project updates have confirmed that members of the BART board feel that eBART is sufficiently prepared for the soon-to-be running operations.

The ten-mile extension will be transporting travelers between the Bay Point/Pittsburg BART Station and the brand new station in Antioch. The Antioch facility will be located on Slatten Ranch Road. Joel Keller, the BART Board Director, stated that BART will be revealing the exact date of the station’s debut this month.

What You Need to Know About the New Station

The operation will be following the regular BART time schedule, with ten-minute rides between the two stations. Additionally, fares will be $2 with a Clipper card and $2.50 with the daily paper ticket. The Antioch facility will include more than 1,000 parking spots for all travelers. Even though there are more than 1,500 residents from Antioch, Brentwood, and Oakley that already park at the Bay Point/Pittsburg and Martinez/North Concord stations, Joel Keller believes that the Antioch parking slots will fill up due to the convenience of the location. Here are some of the fees for parking reservations:

  • Daily parking fee: $3
  • Reserved permit for one day: $6
  • Long-term reserved permit: $7
  • Monthly reserved permit: $105

Unlike traditional BART cars that run against a heavy rail and utilize power from a paddle that connects to an electric motor, the new service will be employing diesel multiple units (DMU) while operating on a standard-gauge rail. Connecting three DMU’s will provide accommodation to more than 600 passengers onboard. Also, new BART trains will be equipped with a diesel engine, which will be the primary source of energy for the electric motor.

The cost of this new enterprise is approximately $524 million, and the majority of this money is derived from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The Contra Costa Transportation Authority has donated funds collected from sales tax, and other East Contra Costa transportation committees have also pitched in. Even the City of Pittsburg allocated funds to the cause.

Safety is a Priority for the Antioch Station

City councilmembers from Brentwood expressed their excitement as well as their concerns for the opening of the new revenue service. They are overjoyed for the increasing opportunities that Bay Area travelers will have available but remain somewhat skeptical in regards to safety and parking at the Antioch station.

Rest assured, BART officials have stated that the Antioch facility will be loaded up with many surveillance cameras – in fact, they will have more surveillance equipment than any other Bay Area system. There will also be a live feed linked to the maintenance facility on-site so that officials can contact the Antioch Police Department and BART.

Watch Youtube Video: An all-inclusive tour of the new eBART trains!

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