Eat Your Way Through October 2020

October 2020 – Welcome to the Spooky Season

October 2020 is almost upon us. At the beginning of every month, we like to look at some of the more obscure food-related “National Days” that occur over the next few weeks. Here are some of October’s offerings and our suggestions on how to celebrate each:

  • October 1:  National Homemade Cookies Day. Acknowledge the day by baking these Easy Sugar Cookies from
  • October 2:  Fried Scallops Day. This delicacy may be more of an East Coast thing, but we have restaurants where you can indulge – in particular, Cape Cod Fish & Chips has excellent Yelp reviews.
  • October 4:  National Taco Day. Some of us say that every day is taco day. We are fortunate in Sacramento to have so many outstanding Mexican restaurants. Our favorite places to grab a taco are Yolanda’s, Don Chuy’s Birria, and Taqueria Rincon Alteno.
  • October 6: National Noodle Day. Seems pretty basic, right? Boil some spaghetti or slurp a bowl of ramen.
  • October 8:  National Fluffernutter Day.   Again, this may be more of an East Coast thing. Or a Depression-era thing. Whatever its origins, a fluffernutter is a sandwich made with white bread, peanut butter, and marshmallow cream – yum!
  • October 9: National Moldy Cheese Day. Maybe this “National Day” thing has gone too far. If stinky cheese is your jam, check out the great selection at Corti Brothers.
  • October 11: National Sausage Pizza Day. Without a National Some Kind of Pizza Day, it would not be a month. Roma’s II is a contender for the best sausage pizza in town.
  • October 13: National Yorkshire Pudding Day. We will look at this day as an opportunity to learn what Yorkshire Pudding is. Here is the explanation from Wikipedia.
  • October 15: National Cheese Curd Day. This reminds us of Wisconsin, but we will keep things on the West Coast and suggest a tour of the Tillamook Creamery on your next Oregon trip.
  • October 16: National Liqueur Day. Add a splash of Chambord to a flute of sparkling wine, and you have a Chambord Kir Royale – cheers!
  • October 17: National Pasta Day. Did we not just celebrate noodles a few days ago? Alright, this time, let’s go all out with this decadent lasagna recipe.
  • October 18:  National Chocolate Cupcake Day. Don’t mind if we do. Keep it gluten-free and vegan by ordering from Pushkin’s.
  • October 19: National Seafood Bisque Day. Hmm…bisque? A lot of grocery stores carry this in their refrigerated soup sections. Red Lobster probably has it. We suggest freestyle a bit – seafood bisque must be a close cousin to clam chowder, right? And October is the best month to visit Half Moon Bay for a bowl at Sam’s.
  • October 22: National Nut Day. In celebration of this particular day, enjoy the following YouTube video.

  • October 25: National Greasy Food Day. Some of us have been waiting our whole lives for this day. How long has it been since you’ve enjoyed a basket of warm, greasy tortilla chips at Kiko’s?  
  • October 27: National American Beer Day. To wash down the oily residue from two days ago, fill your growler at Track 7.
  • October 29: National Oatmeal Day. Pass.
  • October 30: National Candy Corn Day. A truly polarizing day. You love this stuff, or you hate it. If you happen to enjoy the disgusting little cavity kernels, enjoy. We won’t judge you much.
  • October 31:  Halloween. October wraps up with the ultimate treat night – and it’s on a Saturday this year! While there may be fewer trick-or-treaters out in the streets (thanks, COVID-19), we hope this annual spooky celebration is happy and safe for you and your families.

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