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November 17, 2017
Edward Smith

Driving During Inclement Weather Conditions

Driving During Inclement Weather Conditions

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto car accident lawyer. Everyone loves the pleasant smell of fresh rain after a dry spell. However, not all people enjoy driving in rainy weather due to having to reduce their speed and the increase in the number of car accidents. It is important to exercise extra safety precautions while driving in wet weather conditions. Here’s a few reminders to keep you safer this rainy season.

Adjust Your Speed

Adjusting your speed during wet weather conditions is critical towards reducing the chances of your vehicle hydroplaning. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding accounted for 27 percent of all fatal traffic collisions in 2015. Drivers should monitor their speed based upon the amount of water on the roadway. Turning off cruise control is crucial in decreasing the chances of your vehicle losing control. Maintain a safe following distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Avoid hard braking or turning sharply as it may increase the chances of your vehicle losing traction.

How to Correct Loss of Traction

A loss of traction may cause a vehicle to “fishtail”, where the front wheels lock up and the rear wheels lose control. In the event of your vehicle sliding, remove your foot from the gas pedal and resist the urge to hit the brakes as any sudden action may make a loss of traction even worse. Turn your steering wheel in the direction you want the vehicle to go to continue your path once you have regained traction and wait for the vehicle to slow itself naturally. Keep in mind that hydroplaning can happen to anyone, even if your vehicle is equipped with brand new tires or an all-wheel drive powertrain.

Vehicle Maintenance

Bad weather is not the only factor of vehicle skids. Spinouts on the road may also occur due to improperly inflated or worn out tires. A good habit to form is to frequently check if your tires are inflated to the proper Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). The proper inflation number is usually indicated on a sticker on the inside of the driver’s side door or your owner’s manual. Monitor the tread of all your tires as the tread is what assists the vehicle with gaining grip on the road. It also does not hurt to have your alignment checked for your vehicle as this may cause tires to wear prematurely and unevenly. It is best to keep up with maintenance for your vehicle to ensure vehicle safety performance.

Before You Hit the Road

Take your time when driving in rainy weather. Leave your house earlier than usual and anticipate traffic mayhem as most Californians are not used to driving in the rain. Make sure the lights of your vehicle are on to help other cars see you. If your wipers are going full blast, your lights are required to be on. Following these safety tips will help keep you and your loved ones safe while driving in inclement weather conditions.

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