Driverless Car Insurance

Driverless Car Insurance

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Driverless Car Insurance

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Autonomous Car Accident Attorney.  Accidents involving cars that are operating in an autonomous mode are on the rise. Questions are swirling as to who is really to blame when something goes wrong. Is it the driver of the car or the manufacturer of the car or its technology? While that question is being sorted out, one company has come up with an interesting service.

Adrian Flux Insurance Services

I recently read that Adrian Flux Insurance Services is offering insurance on all aspects of the driverless car, such as hacking of connected systems and the automated parking feature.

Insurance Designed for Autonomous Driving Systems

Driverless cars rely on software to operate. This has raised a host of new concerns for owners, requiring the need for new innovations such as antivirus programs to be written that can provide protection against someone hacking into connected cars. Adrian Flux recently began offering coverage specially tailored for issues involving the autonomous driving systems.

Coverage for a Wide Variety of Scenarios

Adrian Flux is a a startup company that has created a policy of insurance that provides coverage for a wide variety of scenarios, from property damage that may occur as a result of invoking the automated parking feature, to software concerns such as safeguarding downloaded files and offering firewalls to combat third-party hacking. Premiums include coverage for in-vehicle entertainment features as well.

Claims Process May Even Be Easier Than Standard Auto Claims

Driverless auto insurance claims may be easier to prove than regular auto accident claims, because the connected features and systems are usually downloaded and saved into cloud storage. The information contains all the data on the vehicle. It’s just like having a black box for your automobile. It records much of what the driverless system is doing or not doing.

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Watch the Youtube video below to learn more about the future of Driverless Cars. The video boasts that people will be happier in autonomous cars because they can do other things while driving. For example, eat a big mac with fries, apply some make up, do some homework, read the paper or talk on the phone. After all, autonomous cars don’t do those things. Autonomous driving systems do not drive while distracted or drive while drunk or high either.

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