Driver Injured in Brentwood Rollover

Brentwood Rollover Injures Driver

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, a driver suffered serious injuries in a Brentwood rollover crash. According to the Brentwood Police Department (BPD), the collision involved one vehicle and took place during the afternoon on the very western edge of the city. Updates on the condition of the injured individual were not available, but officials did report that they are expected to survive.

Crash Information

BPD reported that the accident happened just after noon on Deer Valley Road to the north of Belfour Road. A driver reportedly lost control of their vehicle, and the car overturned. Reports indicated that the vehicle was severely damaged during the rollover, leaving the driver trapped inside the wreckage.

Police found the vehicle lying on its side and closed Deer Valley Road while response took place. Fire crews reportedly removed the vehicle’s roof in order to extricate the driver. Medical responders determined that the driver had suffered serious trauma and called for a helicopter ambulance to transport him to the hospital.


Police are reportedly still investigating what may have caused this serious accident. So far, no possible factors have been mentioned by investigating officers. Single-vehicle auto accidents are common and are frequently caused by factors that drivers simply cannot control. These factors include things like defective roadways or dangerously malfunctioning vehicle parts.

Brentwood Rollover Collisions Are Dangerous

Statistics from the NHTSA prove that rollover accidents are especially dangerous. While they only make about two percent of car crashes in the US, these collisions are responsible for ten percent of auto accident fatalities.

One of the key reasons that rollovers are dangerous is that vehicle roofs often aren’t designed to withstand a major impact. This can lead to what is called roof crush injuries. Because companies are expected to ensure their products are safe, the manufacturer of the car may be considered liable for damages when vehicle roofs fail.

Getting in Touch With an Attorney

When people suffer accident injuries, they are often under a huge amount of stress. Being injured can mean major changes in your life, and in many cases, these changes are long-lasting or even permanent. The recovery process can be both mentally and physically difficult, and paying for the medical care you need can be very expensive.

In order to make sure that you are able to fully recover after suffering car accident trauma, it’s vital to reach out to a Brentwood personal injury lawyer for advice on how you can obtain compensation. In many cases, collision survivors are able to file personal injury claims that hold negligent parties responsible for damages. Often, these payments fully cover the cost of medical expenses as well as lost wages, property damage, and other losses related to the accident.

Finding the Right Lawyer

Injury cases are important, and having a lawyer you know you can rely on is crucial. However, many people aren’t sure how to find an attorney they can trust. Learn how you can easily find a top-rated lawyer in your area by watching this video:

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