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Dog Bites on the Rise in California

Sacramento Lawyer for Dog Bites

Dog Bites on the Rise in California

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer. An overwhelming majority of injuries inflicted by animal bites come from dogs. Dog bites make up about 77% of the total number of all animal bites reported in the state of California. That number has been steadily on the rise for the last 11 years and hospitals are receiving more visits for dog bites than ever before. From 2011 to 2015, over 187,000 within California visited the Emergency Department with dog bite inflicted wounds.

Common Biting Breeds

Any dog with teeth and a mouth has the capability to inflict harm with their bite. There are a few breeds who’s bite seems to be reported more frequently than the rest.

According to a study from 2011, the breed that with the highest percentage of the total dog bites is a Pit Bull terrier with 29% of total bites. The recent dog attack of a bicyclist at the American River Trail involved this same breed.

The second highest percentage of dog bites were inflicted by German Shepherds or Shepherd mixes coming in at 15% of all dog bites. The German Shepherd is the same breed that is used by the Police K-9 Department to help with the apprehending and subduing of suspects.

Chihuahuas took the third highest percentage with 11% of total dog bites. These dogs are a smaller breed and injuries from their bite tend to cause less serious injuries than the previous two breeds.

Who is at risk

All people can be at risk of receiving injury from a dog bite. Although, those who have the greatest risk of injury are young children. Of those emergency room visits, the majority of those seeking treatment for injuries by a dog bite were between the ages of one and six years old. For these younger victims, even small dog bites can be serious. These injuries can range from the following:

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Sacramento Dog Bite Attorney, Ed Smith

Sacramento Dog Bite Attorney

I am Ed Smith, a Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer. Dog attacks are serious events and can have lasting physical and emotional injuries. Some attacks can even lead to death. If you, or a family member have been injured by a dog attack, please call me immediately. You can contact me for free and friendly advice at (916) 921-6400 or if you are out of the area, call me toll-free at (800) 404-5400.

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