Dizziness and Driving

Dizziness and Driving

Dizziness and Driving

I’m Ed Smith, a Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. Almost everyone has felt dizzy at some point in their life and those that deal with a chronic condition related to dizziness, such as vertigo, understand how troubling this can be. Being dizzy can make it hard to perform simple activities and some of these, such as driving, can be more dangerous when someone is dizzy. How does dizziness impact someone’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely?

Causes of Dizziness: Traumatic Brain Injury

When people start to feel dizzy, they often wonder what the reason is for their dizziness. Among the most common causes of dizziness include:

Dehydration: This is the most common cause that someone feels dizzy. Many people don’t even realize that they are dehydrated; however, if someone is dehydrated, they could feel dizzy when they stand up (also called a head rush). This happens due to a temporary slowing of blood flow to the brain due to dehydration.

Canalith Deposit: This is another very common cause of dizziness. Balance is controlled by the bones of the middle ear. Sometimes, a small calcium deposit called a canalith can get loose and roll around inside of the ear. If this deposit starts to contact the bones of the middle ear, it can cause someone to feel dizzy. Disruption of the bones of the middle ear from any source, including a canalith, could make someone feel disoriented.

Traumatic Brain Injury: The other source of dizziness is a traumatic brain injury. The brain coordinates the various limbs of the body and helps people to feel where they are at in space. If the brain has been disrupted, it can make someone feel dizzy. This includes a concussion, a skull fracture, a bleed in the brain, or any other sort of contusion that damages one or more of the lobes. Depending on the severity of the brain injury, someone could get better or the dizziness can become chronic. This is where treatment options come into play.

Medications: Certain medications can cause dizziness. This may seriously impair someone’s ability to drive. Learn more about medications that cause dizziness in the video below.

Watch Youtube Video ~ Dizziness & Vertigo after a Traumatic Brain Injury. Learn the causes of dizziness and how it differs from vertigo. This video is informational only. Be sure to see your physician if you are experiencing vertigo or dizziness.

Treatment Options for People with Dizziness

Depending on the cause of dizziness, there are different treatment options available. If someone is dehydrated, they simply need to replace the lost fluid and the “head rush” symptoms should resolve. Someone with a canalith can have a canalith repositioning procedure performed by a trained medical professional that should resolve their symptoms. If an individual has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, there are different treatment options available. Some individuals could be placed on blood pressure medications to control the amount of blood flowing to their brain. This careful control can help with dizziness. Another medication that people can take is called meclezine, which has been shown to help people with dizziness in certain situations. This is a tough decision that should be made by a medical professional.

Safety Issues Abound with Dizziness

Unfortunately, one of the many skills that are impacted by dizziness is someone’s ability to drive. Recently, a review article was published discussing the problems that people have while trying to drive with dizziness. Sometimes, the dizziness is intermittent. Someone could feel fine but have a sudden “attack” while driving, making it challenging to keep the car straight. Other times, someone could feel like they are okay but in actuality have difficulty driving, unbeknownst to them. Regardless of the type of dizziness, the article made the point that people who are feeling dizzy ultimately present a tremendous safety risk to others while driving and have a high likelihood of winding up in an auto accident, possibly causing traumatic injuries. Those who have been hurt in a car accident should consider speaking with a legal professional to discuss their options.

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