What is a Displaced Femur Fracture?

What is a Displaced Femur Fracture?

What is a Displaced Femur Fracture?

Displaced Femur Fracture. Catastrophic injuries can occur at any time. Some of these injuries could include severe bone fractures, which might lead to a long recovery process that can place families under a significant amount of stress. Recently, a local hospital reviewed all the bone fractures that it treated in one year. What they found was that:

  • There are close to 500 bone fractures being seen by their physicians per month.
  • About two-thirds of the bone fractures are being seen in men.
  • Among the most common types of bone fractures are radius fractures, ulna fractures, tibia fractures, humerus fractures, and femur fractures.

The femur is one of the thickest bones in the body, joining the hip to the lower leg. When someone has suffered a bone fracture, one of the biggest questions is whether or not the injury is displaced.

Implications of a Displaced Femur Fracture

A fracture can be described in several ways. Categorizing a fracture correctly is important because it can change the treatment plan. A displaced femur fracture is a fracture of the femur that has been moved from its original anatomical location. Some of the causes of a displaced femur fracture include:

  • A serious car accident
  • A bicycle accident
  • Falling from a great height
  • A sports injury
  • Physical assault

Regardless of the reason, a displaced fracture of a femur means that some or all of the femur is no longer in the right location. This means that it will not heal properly without serious intervention.

Treatment of a Displaced Fracture of the Femur

A physician is going to order scans to evaluate the location of a femur. This could include:

  • X-rays from multiple views
  • A CT scan of the leg
  • An MRI of the thigh

After this, the doctor will figure out how far the femur must be moved to place it back in the right spot. Then, surgery will be necessary to put the bones back together. In this procedure, screws and plates could be required to hold the bones in the right location. A cast will be applied to the leg to make sure that the bones stay still during the healing process. While some bone fractures can heal in a few weeks, it could take months to learn how to walk again.

To find out the different types of femur fractures, watch the YouTube video below:

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