Discovery Bay Car Accident

Discovery Bay Car Accident

Discovery Bay Car Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Discovery Bay car accident lawyer. Three people were injured in a car accident on Highway 4 in Discovery Bay, just past Brentwood.

What Happened?

On 16 June, two vehicles collided head-on at the intersection of Highway 4 and Discovery Bay Boulevard. The accident occurred around 11:20pm and sent both vehicles spinning into other lanes. Both vehicles sustained extensive front end damage as a result of the collision.

About the People Involved in the Accident

Two of the people involved in the car accident sustained minor to moderate injuries, but declined transport to a hospital in an ambulance against medical advice. A third person involved in the accident sustained traumatic injuries and was transported by helicopter to the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.

Injuries Sustained in the Accident

Witnesses who stopped after seeing the car accident reported that one of the victims was complaining of back pain and generalized pain. He also suffered a head laceration that was bleeding heavily. This man was the one transported by helicopter.

Authorities have not released any specific information about the other injuries sustained in the car accident. Our extensive experience as injury lawyers, though, makes us knowledgeable of common injuries in similar accidents. Victims in head-on collisions often sustain neck, back or spinal cord injuries. They also tend to suffer sprains to their wrists and elbows from bracing themselves before impact. Another common injury is called dashboard knee.

Cause of the Discovery Bay Car Accident

Like the injuries, authorities have not released any information on the cause of the accident. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is investigating and does not know at this time whether drugs or alcohol played a role.

Low visibility likely played a role in the car accident. It was dark when the incident occurred and street lighting in that area is poor. Low-light street lamps only illuminate the intersection itself at this section of Highway 4, so drivers cannot see other vehicles coming from farther up the road. This may have contributed to the accident.

Speed as a Factor

Speed may have also been a factor in the accident. Highway 4 from Brentwood and Antioch to Stockton through Discovery Bay is a known speed corridor where few drivers observe the speed limit. As a result, speed plays a role in many car accidents in Discovery Bay.

The damages both vehicles sustained also supports the idea that speed played a role in the accident. The speed limit at that particular intersection is 35 miles an hour. The extent of the damage to both vehicles is consistent with a higher rate of speed.

Determining Liability

As no one was seriously injured, CHP investigators may not devote the resources to identify a definitive cause of the accident. A Discovery Bay personal injury lawyer can help in this situation by hiring accident reconstruction experts to find out exactly what happened.

How Accident Reconstruction Experts Determine Cause

Accident reconstruction experts determine what happened by examining skid marks and measuring where everything landed after the accident. They can add this information to computer programs that can then simulate exactly what happened.

Time is of the essence for accident reconstruction experts to gain accurate measurements, so victims are encouraged to seek experienced legal advice soon after the accident.

Discovery Bay Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers

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Three injured in traffic accident in Discovery Bay

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