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January 18, 2016
Edward Smith


Davis Bicyclists: Time for a Tune Up!

Save money and time by tuning up your bike at home:

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If you ride your bike on the daily, it’s recommended to get a tune up once every six months. On average, tune ups cost $50-75 but much of bicycle maintenance is easy enough to do at home.

Follow this 5 step guide for a smoother ride

1. Chain
Clean the chain by covering it in lube, gripping the lower part of the chain with a rag, and then peddling backward.

2. Cassette
Over time, grease builds up between the cogs. Remove the rear wheel and apply lube to the cassette then use a small towel to clean between the cogs.

3. Brakes
Just like the brakes of a car, your bicycle brakes should be replaced over time. Adjust your brake pad position so that they are evenly spaced on each side of the rim. Squeeze the brake lever on your handlebars and observe the pads. As each brake pad side hits the rim at the same time, their thickness should be even. To adjust your brakes, use the brake arm tension screw (located near the tire on one of the brake lever arms).

4. Tires
Inspect your tires for cracks, tears, and lodged objects. The tread on tires wears over time and worn tires don’t have tread to keep you safely grounded. There are many different tread patterns to accommodate riding styles whether it be for trail-blazing or commuting. Ask your local bike shop for advice when shopping for the perfect tires.

5. Derailleurs
Derailleurs guide the chain from gear to gear. Inspect the gear cable. It should not be rusted, split, or frayed. If the cable does not move freely, you will need to visit your local shop to have it replaced. Now check the chain for stiff links or bends. Do this by moving a pedal backward and watch the chain travel through the pulleys. If the link appears to be jumping, you may need to bend it from side to side to allow it to move more fluidly. Shift the rear derailleur to the highest gear and check the alignment of the pulley cage- it should be directly below the highest cog.

You’re on your way! Strap that helmet on tight!

WATCH: Youtube Video: How to tune up your bike for spring. Courtesy of our friends at Etsy.  Enjoy this video that will easily assist you to get your bike ready for spring weather.


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