DA’s Office Hit Again by Car in Placerville

DA’s Office Hit Again by Car in Placerville

DA’s Office Hit Again by Car in Placerville

I’m Ed Smith, a Placerville Car Accident Lawyer. A car ran off the road and hit the El Dorado County District Attorney’s office on the evening of Sunday, June 25.

What Happened?

A driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe fell asleep at the wheel while driving west down Main Street in Placerville. The vehicle most likely climbed onto the curb from a driveway adjacent to the building. It continued on while plowing through shrubs and landscaping and stopped after hitting a concrete block and taking out a lamp post. The concrete blocks form the edge of the stairs that lead into the attorney’s office. No one, including the driver, was injured in the car accident. Placerville Police stated that no laws were broken and that this was an unfortunate accident.

Déjà vu

The scene of the sandy colored Tahoe resting with its nose hanging over the front stairs might have seemed familiar to Placerville residents passing by. Earlier this year, in May, the same location was the setting of another accident where a vehicle struck the District Attorney’s office. A 22-year-old man hit the building while driving under the influence. He was arrested and charged with a DUI and child endangerment because there was a child in the car at the time of the accident.

Accident Prone Location?

Placerville Police Chief James Ortega talked about the location to Fox 40 reporters and explained why the building may be so prone to accidents. The location of the DA’s office lies at the crest of a hill, just before a curve in the road. People tend to travel a lot faster than the 25 miles per hour speed limit and the limited space on the historic road can cause trouble for people who are not paying attention or are new to the area. Main Street in Placerville was laid out over 100 years ago in the 1840s. The two-lane street follows along the Hangtown Creek as it winds through Placerville and connects with Weber Creek. Some locals like the “old western town” feel, while others complain that the many curves and tight spaces make it hazardous for drivers and may increase pedestrian accidents.

Placerville Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When falling asleep at the wheel one cannot react to changes in the road, traffic, or departure from one’s lane. When driving, it is important to make sure to get enough rest. Sleep debt occurs when there is a lack of sleep and the body is trying to catch up to the needed rest. As we drive we are in a sitting, restful position that can signal to our bodies that it is a good time to sleep. If the driving becomes monotonous and there are not enough things happening to keep a driver alert, the combination of resting position and lack of stimuli is a powerful sleep aid. Pull over to a safe spot and stop the car if you are feeling drowsy. Upbeat music, food, or a companion to talk to are also good ways to stave off drowsiness.


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