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September 29, 2014
Edward Smith

Sacramento Police 2012 Annual Report on Traffic Accidents

The Sacramento Police Department publishes an annual report that contains vital statistics relating to their department and their work in Sacramento County.

In the 2012 report, the Sacramento Police Department included traffic facts relating to our area. The 2012 Annual Report produced by the Sacramento Police Department sheds light on the top 10 accident locations in Sacramento.

Top Ten Dangerous Intersections

The top ten dangerous intersections during the 2012 year are listed below. The intersections are listed in order of the highest amount of collisions. They are:

  • Howe Avenue and Folsom Avenue with 43 collisions
  • Cosumnes River Boulevard and Bruceville Road with 38 collisions
  • Valley Hi Drive and Mack Road with 33 collisions
  • Fruitridge Road and Stockton Boulevard with 30 collisions
  • Stockton Boulevard and Elder Creek Road with 29 collisions
  • Florin Road and 24th Street with 28 collisions
  • Watt Avenue and Folsom Boulevard with 28 collisions
  • Mack Road and Stockton Boulevard with 27 collisions
  • Watt Avenue and La Riviera Drive with 23 collisions
  • Franklin Boulevard and Fruitridge Road with 22 collisions
  • Garden Highway and Truxel Road with 22 collisions
  • Mack Road and Center Parkway with 22 collisions

What Makes an Intersection Dangerous?

High-risk intersections can often be attributed to those areas with higher pedestrian traffic. Additionally, intersections near schools or universities can infuse an area with less experienced drivers contributing to more collisions. Intersections near on-ramps for freeways during peak traffic hours are known to become congested which can lead to irate drivers failing to respect traffic lights. Other contributing factors of dangerous intersections can also include construction defects.

Steps to Reduce Intersection Accidents

Steps have been taken to reduce collisions in these areas which include improvement of dangerous intersections through construction and the installation of traffic cameras. Nonetheless, residents should remain observant in these intersections if they are on your commute route.

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Photo Attribution: By Andrew Bossi (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons